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03-26-2013, 07:46 PM
speculation and wrist cutting posts do nothing..
by the same token, so does assuming the KDF is going to get anything. history speaks for itself. it also tends to repeat itself

So, I am cautiously optimistic, so you all should be
the same people say that with every update, with very little to show for it. there comes a time when 'cautiously optimistic' becomes gullible. the fact is we have been told 'the next update' is 'the big klingon update' more times than I care to count, and have been lied to each and every single time - and thats when they were saying there was stuff coming. so now you expect anyone to believe anything is coming when they have said nothing about any content? think about that

That said, it MIGHT be that, with the influx of money from PWE and the hard-core fundraising of the last three seasons, that they (Cryptic) finally have the BUDGET to start filling in those old promises.
given a budget is one thing, doing anything with it is another. if there was anything big in the works, common sense says it wouldn't be possible to complete it at the same time they are developing a new faction. the resources just aren't there to do both. to say nothing of the fact that they still claim they don't do anything for the KDF because 'nobody plays them' and that hasn't changed. why spend money on it now?

I am happy for these positive signals we got so far
name one. 1-50 certainly isn't. thats only 5 more levels than the KDF started with. a tutorial? does nothing for anyone unless there is something to do afterwards. all we did get was romulan related info. how many months does it take to make a 5 mission featured episode again...? think about that

So I'll believe in khemaraa and his hints there's more coming than just the tutorial.
anyone foolish enough to buy into some random person on a message board saying 'I know a guy that knows a guy...honest!' is going to get disappointed

Also, checking the posting history of a particular individual who's become active suddenly reveals he's been using his accound for less than a week at this point and has been doing nothing but complain with it, no matter about what.

It's what I'd like to call a "Class A Troll" account.
in other words belittling said person to try to discredit anything they say. by the way, calling someone a troll is prohibited. its also ignorant

That was OP's point with starting thist thread in the first place. To share a positive vibe amongst all the gloomy threads around, that IMHO are based on pure speculation so far.
in other words to try to get people to ignore anyone who states what has actually gone on around here for the last 3 years. its the 'positive' threads that are based on nothing but speculation. those that are not are based on the history of cryptics development of the KDF. the history speaks for itself. did you know that the most accurate way to predict future behavior is to look at past behavior? I don't see you going into the posts you're referring to and telling people to stop telling people to 'stop posting doom and gloom'

I'm not saying that you're wrong in what you said. Considering the past experiences, noone can blame you for having the opinion you stated. But, if you had to share it, why not on one of the fine selection of gloom & doom threads that emerged lately?
in other words 'we want to happily make excuses, assumptions and go 'yay cryptic' based on absolutely nothing'

Let's try to keep the positive mood in this one, like the OP wished for, shall we?
how about we stick to reality instead of blind assumptions. the fact is that anyone believing that the factions are going to be brought up to anything remotely resembling completion are living in a fantasy world. its not in the slightest bit realistic

To be totally honest I never understood why someone would only ever play one faction
because alot of people don't like playing a buggy, barely built faction with 9 missions and alot of grinding

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