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# 1 Loading Issue
03-27-2013, 12:57 AM
I was trying to find for the thread about this though, and at some point, it does say that it has been resolved. But I'm still having that problem currently. Trying to get pass it and it's moving... really really slow. I thought it would be my connection, but after a couple of resets (Not to mentioned tried some other online games, which works fine) and I still wasn't able to pass the "Engage" button section.

So... I asked my girlfriend about it, and she had the same problem too... not to mentioned a powerful internet connection then I do at least, and she wasn't able to logged into Star Trek either. So... is there something we could do about it?

Oh... and I hope I'm in the right section here though. If I got the wrong one, please forgive me about it. Thanks
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# 2 Snr
03-27-2013, 02:44 AM
I am unable to log into STO now, too. This began when I saw Redshirt was back (and Tribble was down) and downloaded the patch for Redshirt to bring it up to season 7. I got on, briefly, but it was 'server not responding' constantly, with about 2 seconds in between two minutes of SNR. After half an hour of not being able to log on and do anything but watch my frozen ship sitting there, I gave up on Redshirt for tonight and tried to log back onto the live (holodeck) server, only to find the SNR is following me there and I still can't log on.
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# 3
03-27-2013, 02:53 AM
Talking about redshirt part, I did take notice about it popping up once more, but I didn't bother to touch it though, so I continue on playing normally as it is.

I've played it in the morning and it turn out alright and after a mission, I decided to get myself some rest for a couple of hours. So I woke up, tried it, and it's just... stuck... well not entirely stuck. Wait for it to load.... Then tried to login with takes quite a long time, and there's the part where we can choose those tribble test and holodeck server part, which doesn't seem to pop at all.

So... Now we're pretty much waiting for any solutions. I wanna go on a ride on my Defiant TwT

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