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03-20-2013, 05:48 AM
on the topic of new features - captain only beam down.

Some of us foundry authors are in fleets and like making fleet-centric missions. Having a entire away team beam down when you're in a map that has no enemies is freaking strange. Also some people like the idea of covert missions and having an entire squad when you're aiming for a single person covert missions just doesn't work.

Contacts and NPCs have an "Advanced Behavior" tab - why not add one to the Spawn Point object called Settings and you can set the number of your away team to beam down (as some cryptic maps allow only 1 officer and other 2 - this would add a HUGE amount of diversity to foundry missions as a story point) or just captain only. If it's set to captain only - then set the mission that it can't be played in a team - some of us make missions designed for teams and some of us make them for just your captain.

Those, in addition to the blank primitive with a texture picker or retextured primitives are in my eyes desperately needed.

Smaller additions that would be nice to see are a weather detail that has no oxygen. That way missions will open up that allow for space-walking and things like that - maybe a recreation of First Contact where Picard, Worf and Lieutenant Hawk space walk to the deflector dish.

And shuttle only options for space maps would be nice.

And equipping NPCs so they can use items in their inventory - adding realism.

And cross-class ship costumes to make completely custom ships for new alien races.

And Starfleet Acadamy style windows.

And gardens.

And cookies.

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# 22
03-20-2013, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by zensoji1 View Post
And shuttle only options for space maps would be nice.
Simple, just make a starship physically impossible to go through something, but the shuttle can. Like a small hole or something.

And Starfleet Academy style windows.
On the subject of windows, how about some regular flat windows to start with?

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03-27-2013, 08:27 AM
bump as still no reply from devs or...well...anyone for that matter

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