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Okay, so the name wasn't chosen by me; though of us in the higher ranks are looking to change it, but for the moment, that's what we're going with.

We're an active fleet in dire need of more members. We've got over 200, though I'd say a good number of them seem to be alternate accounts, and we've also got our fair share of inactive members. Along with that, we've got a bunch of new recruits that apparently don't yet know about the contribution system (they've been told, but aren't able to manage it seems).

We're nearly at level #3 on the Starbase front (inc Shipyard, Industrial Fabricator etc) and level #2 on the Embassy. As with most fleets, we're lacking Dilithium and Duty Officers (the former, more so). We've got (what I believe) to be a fair ranking system in place, which includes rewards from the fleet bank.

We've also got a website (set up by another admin):

We are looking for people that are themselves looking to join a fleet; doesn't matter if you're new or old to the game, so long as you're able to contribute to the projects and get involved in the community, it's fair game ~ once we've got some more activity, it's been mentioned about starting fleet STF's (cause going into them with random players doesn't always pay off) and also, running through the missions in addition to playing through some of the other zones (such as terradome).

If anyone thinks they might like to join, then throw me a message in here, I'll grab your handle and send you an invite; failing that you're welcome to search through the site when in-game and request an invitation.

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