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Originally Posted by sovakofvulcan View Post
I worked this up one day...of course none of it is confirmed...just my ideas

Romulan Star Empire Vessels
  • Shuttles
  • Kestrel (Shuttle seen in the vault and in DS9: ?In the Pale Moonlight)
  • Talon ? a match to the Captain?s Yacht or General?s Chariot
  • Scorpion Fighter
  • Centurion (level 1-10)
  • Bird Of Prey
  • Sub-Commander (level 11-20)
  • Rhien Class Attack Vessel
  • Generix Class Patrol Vessel
  • Talvath Class Infiltration Vessel
  • Commander Level (level 21-30)
  • Griffin Class Cruiser
  • Serkas Class
  • Shrike Class
  • Captain Level (level 31-40)
  • D?Deridex (Warbird Class)
  • Norexan (Tactical Fleet Cruiser)
  • Leahval Class Science Vessel
  • General Level (level 41-50)
  • Cehlaer Class Warbird
  • Eresis Class Attack Vessel
  • Shadow Class Infiltration Vessel
  • Tavara Class Tactical Warbird
  • Scimitar Class

Just some interesting facts about these classes
Rhienn Class - Built to outperform the UFP's "Escort" Class
Norexan Class - Seen "on screen" as the IRW Valdore
Scimitar -- I see this as the "Odyssey" of the RSE
Tavara Class -- A Warship in all respects...briefing from Starfleet Intelligence follows"

"The Tavara Class, although never encountered by a Starfleet vessel was observed during the last weeks of the Dominion War. This vessel is expected to take on our best ships and more as successfully engaged 2 Jem'Hadar Dreadnoughts. It is rumored that this vessel was designed as the Romulan answer to the Borg. It is known however that it was 5 forward firing weapons, two of which are high yield plasma torpedo launchers..."

so...again these are all just ideas for Romulan Vessels...
In the Romulan Navy Commander = Captain.

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