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03-27-2013, 11:37 AM
Starfleet Priority Channel One: All ships, be advised! Torros II has fallen to an Orion Assault Force! All Cardassian Defence Forces are being recalled from their training manoeuvres back to Cardassian Space. All Federation Vessels in Beta Ursae, avoid the Torros System at all costs! Starfleet Command is in emergency meeting to decide next course of action. Will advise as information becomes available.
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03-27-2013, 12:03 PM
Felix stands on the bridge looking over the report from cardassian space.

Felix: do we have any prowlers in the area.

Agent: prowler 3-a is in the area sir

Felix: have them enter stealth mode and see what we can find out.

Agent : aye sir

Felix: Tal and Vadem please met me in my ready room.

the three stand in his ready room.

Felix: alright what is our plan gentlemen.

Tal: i have no plan

Felix: If a criminal organization or groups have taken that station it only means one thing they are receiving support from some one.

Vadem: until we know what they want or plan i suggest we simply wait it out.

Felix: very well im calling the other carrier to our position in case we need the support and firepower.

Tal: dont forget about that klingon attack not long ago either.

Felix: I have a prowler in the area that is looking for those people now.
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03-27-2013, 12:09 PM
A hologram appears in his ready room.

Norris: Director are your people ready if need be.

Felix: of course im having a prowler sent to the area and im calling the other carrier to our postition now.

Norris : very good. If you get any updates please inform me. Starfleet command is still discussing what they plan to do. If they decide to take action i want you there

Felix: dont worry ill request vanguard gets ready
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03-27-2013, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
OOC: feel free to man just remember to take into account he i on a military base full of trained and armed troops

After the meeting felix leaves the room heading for the bridge

Vadem: do you think they will find the artifact

Felix: I sure hope so cause if they dont we are in trouble

Agent: sir prowler 1-a reports no activity now in the wreckage but confirms the area was visited recently.

Felix: alright everyone set course for the stations location lets see what we can put together from it.

Jacob is in an enginerring bay at damascus working on upgrading his suit and making combat armor for the project candidates.

Jacob: Orion please bring up schematic alpha two dash five

Orion: bringing up now sir

Jacob: lets add the high powered phaser to the arm weapons system as well as the micro torpedo launcher and the hand pulse chambers. Also add a heavy beam hooked up directly to the chest piece. We can leave out warp capabale speeds in it since we have the transport systems up and running. Also i want this one fire red with black and orange trims.

Orion: very well sir should i also install computer overide system we made last week and the upgraded comm unit

Jacob: of course also overpower the shield system i dont want to skip anything on this one.

Orion: very well sir
*OOC: Yeah I should play up the Face Dancer threat... just a bit *

*Rumbles throughout the base rock the facility as the soldiers and guards and commanders themselves start attacking the facility and killing everyone security has been destroyed and the surveillance is down permanently...

Across the galaxy Jacob's hiding spots start exploding including his old suits and cores... *

Guard: What the hell... *His partner rips his throat out as men storm the barracks and the labs..*
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03-27-2013, 02:49 PM
Jacob: ok well lets suit up. Orion feed me the local sensor grid. Lets light up these bad boys.
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03-27-2013, 03:03 PM
Jacob flies to the barracks and finds the cadets are using their training well. He moves to another lab and starts to secure it.

Jacob: you know when I said I wanted to test the suit I didn't mean like this.

Orion: it appears the galaxy did not understand that part sir.
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03-27-2013, 04:45 PM
Jacob is firing away

Jacob; Orion how many more are there

Orion: unknown sir there are to many to

Jacob: ok whatever then. Call cap and the rest of the team. See if any one can help.

Orion: message sent sir.
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03-27-2013, 04:53 PM
*Torros Sector, R.S.S. Matthew Neilson on patrol as part of the Republic-Federation Mutual Defence Pact - the Republic will help retrain Starfleet and help provide policing for Federation Space.

Captain Forrester's Ready Room. Matt is looking out the window, before walking over to his console and sitting in his chair. He activates the holo-display, bringing up a holographic screen with the Republic Emblem in the middle and several small icons along the right side.*

Matt: Computer, connect to R.S.S. Republic, Captain Samantha Allington, Personal Channel.

Computer: Stand by.

Connection established.

*Matt presses the Comm icon that just appeared and waits.

R.S.S. Republic, Captain Allington's Ready Room. Sam is leaning against the window frame, looking out at Icara VII below. Her console beeps and the holo-display activates. She looks in surprise before walking over and tapping the 'Accept transmission' icon as she sits down. Matt appears on the screen.*

Sam: Matt!

Matt: Hey, Sam. Just calling to see how things were in your neck of the woods.

Sam: Same. We're still in orbit of Icara VII while the Archaeologists pack up shop. Command wants them shipped out by the end of the week while they secure the planet. They don't want a repeat of what happened with Adenheim.

How are things with you?

Matt: As good as can be expected. Patrolling Federation Space isn't the most exciting assignment ever. Still, with the attack on Torros a few days ago, we really are needed in this Sector Block.

Look, I finish this Patrol in 3 days. After that, I'm off assignment. You?

Sam: Same. As soon as the Commonwealth arrives tomorrow, we can leave.

Deep Space 9?

Matt: I was thinking 'Bajor'.

Sam: Bajor? Trying to get romantic with me, Captain?

Matt: Guilty as charged. See you there?

Sam: 3 days?

Matt: 3 day--

*The red alert klaxon sounds on Matt's end.*

Sam: Matt? What's happening?!

Matt: I've gotta go!

*The transmission cuts off.*

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. Matt walks onto the Neilson's Bridge.*

Matt: Report!

John: Captain, there's a large formation of ships moving in!

Matt: Onscreen.

*The entire Bridge Crew look in shock as a fleet of dozens of Syndicate ships are approaching.*

Hail them.

Ops: They're not responding.

Matt: Charge Weapons. Raise Shields.


John: A mix of Duranus and D'ian Cartel ships. Most of the Duranus Cartel Vessels are Cargo Freighters, with some frigates escorting them.

Matt: Which makes D'ian the escort group.

*Matt sits in the Command Chair and looks to Will next to him.*

Duranus are over a century behind in Weapons tech, but D'ian aren't. They're up-to-date and we're outnumbered.

Science, how close are the Badlands?

John: Not close enough, and the Orions are between us and it.

Ops: We're being hailed.

Matt: Audio only.

Telana *Over Comm*: This is Telana Tr'ian of the Orion Syndicate to Republic Vessel, surrender or be destroyed.

Matt: This is Captain Matthew Forrester of the Republic of United Star Systems.

Telana *Over Comm*: You have 10 minutes, Captain.

Matt: If we surrender?

Telana *Over Comm*: I think you can guess.

*Telana closes the channel. Matt looks to Will.*

Matt: If we surrender, they'll make slaves out of us, if we're lucky.

Will: And if we fight, they'll probably kill us.

Matt: They'll try to capture us first. I think we can both agree that the Neilson cannot be taken, at any cost.

Will: Agreed.

*Matt rubs his face, grimly, before hitting the intercom.*

Matt: All non-essential personnel to the escape pods.

*He turns to Will.*

Speak to the Department Heads. Surrender or Fight. I want a consensus in 5 mnutes.

Will: Aye, sir. *Will leaves.

A few minutes later, he returns.*

You'll get the consensus in 2 minutes.

Matt: Ops, I want a percentage as it comes in.


*Will stops, as Matt looks at him grimly.*

Computer, enable auto-destruct sequence, 5-minute countdown.

Computer: Awaiting Authorisation Code.

Matt: Recognise: Forrester, Matthew, Captain. Commander Officer, R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. Authorisation Code Alpha-1-1-Delta-2-4-Foxtrot.

Computer: Awaiting Secondary Authorisation.

Will: Computer, Recognise: Prescott, William, Commander. First Officer, R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. Authorisation Code Bravo-2-1-Lima-9-Kappa-4.

Computer: Awaiting Tertiary Authorisation.

John: Computer, Recognise: DeFalco, Johnathon, Lieutenant Commander. Science and Second Officer, R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. Authorisation Code 1-4-Bravo-Charlie-2-1-Lima.

Computer: Awaiting Final Enabling Code.

Matt: Computer, Arm Auto-Destruct Sequence, 5-minute countdown. Activation Code: 1a-2b-3b-0-0-0-Destruct-0-Enable.

Computer: Auto-Destruct Armed and set for 5-minute Countdown.

Matt: Disengage Secondary audio warnings and route activation to manual input.

Computer: Confirmed.
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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Jacob is firing away

Jacob; Orion how many more are there

Orion: unknown sir there are to many to

Jacob: ok whatever then. Call cap and the rest of the team. See if any one can help.

Orion: message sent sir.
*As if on-cue, Armada blasts into the Base, taking down Facedancers with the new enhanced phaser weaponry and the newly equipped Sonic disruptors. The disruptors drive several Facedancers back as the rest of Vanguard runs in, Hawk taking down several with his arrows and Destroyer just smashing a dozen into the walls, floor, ceiling, pretty much everything! Sanders activates his shield and deflects a phaser blast away from Jacob before knocking several Facedancers back with the shield and a few sharp kicks and jabs.*

OOC: Now going to bed. Be back at 15:00 UTC (16 hours.)
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03-27-2013, 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Jacob is firing away

Jacob; Orion how many more are there

Orion: unknown sir there are to many to

Jacob: ok whatever then. Call cap and the rest of the team. See if any one can help.

Orion: message sent sir.
*The cadets soon start falling... as their own people soon start turning on them continually and the dead revert to their base form... or remain...*

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