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03-27-2013, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Yup, I know all about the track record of the development of the KDF.
And I can't really blame the people who have their doubts or don't believe that anything good will come from this for the KDF.

What I'm saying is - Cryptic has a new landlord and regardless of what individuals think of PWE, the truth is that they helped and invested in the Cryptic team. The game is obviosely doing very good according to what many devs. have stated and also by having a big expansion with a whole new faction added. Their staff has grown double in numbers.
This is what makes me believe that it is possible for them to keep their word and deliver this time.

P.S. This is actually the first time we have visualy seen a confirmation that the KDF will start at lvl 1. I don't think that's something they'd do if there was the possibility to walk away from it. Also, the lack of leveling content was pointed out as the main reason for the KDF to start at lvl 20 on many ocassions by the devs. It would be reasonable to conclude that since they decided to give the opportunity to the KDF to start at the begining, they'll give the content that was missing.
STO has been around for 3 years now. I really don't think the devs. are just making the KDF start at lvl 1 without any content after what they stated before. I can't see them saying "Well whataya know, us wuz joking before!"
It makes sense. While I have been overly critical of Cryptic for their total lack of anything developed for KDF in so long. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and holding off any negative opinions until I see what they have done for the expansions.

Being able to start any faction at level 1 and being able to choose what faction you can start with and the reasons you mentioned above has made me decided upon this coarse of action.

I'm just waiting till May. As I see it every promise made to the Federation side has been fulfilled. Ambassador, Vesta, Andorian escort etc. Perhaps now they are finally going to complete the promises they made to the KDF as well as giving the Romulans their own piece of the action.

May isn't that far away, less than two months now. I think we all have at the very least hold out negative comments until we see what we get or don't get. Anyone can see some of my older posts form 6 months ago, I was really annoyed with the lack of development and if I can bite my tongue I think any negative person can until the expansion is released.

I am hoping they'll improve the server space and stability of the servers for this expansion too.
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