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03-27-2013, 12:02 PM
So here I am again, getting p***** on by Craptic once more.
For the benefit of everybody I never wanted to use thse forums again. But hey, after wrestling with myself whether or not to bother creating a thread with a detailed discription of the issue (some of) you guys are dealing with here I figured I probably should.

A lot of people who posted here are having a rather specific connection/latency issue which I suffer from too. While some are on track as to where it's coming from, a few are rather "off track" and that somewhat "obscures" the general description and diagnosis of the issue at hand (no offence intended).

Having experienced what is in all likelyhood the very same issue with the same provider (and yes it is partially ISP related) in a different game and having some more precise knowledge on what it is I figured a new somewhat more focused topic might help both, the players affected by it, to collect/post more specific infos on it, and the company/companies to fix it.

But oh behold the great Craptic and PWE, "At this time, you may only post replies to threads (...). After a certain amount of time has passed since your registration date, you will be able to create new threads (...).

Sure, my LTS has only been running since right before release of the game so that is understandable.
So there you go, good luck getting to the bottom of thisone, if anyone at Craptic is interested in more infos on this (yeah right, as if they would bother), feel free to contact me. More active efforts from my side are obviously not wanted.

Edit: for those truly affected by this issue (You know if you are. In that case the game is truly unplayable due to latency), the only thing you could do to circumvent the problem is getting a so called tunneling service or something functionally similar to work with/in STO, which would actually eliminate the issue for yourself entirely.

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03-27-2013, 03:56 PM
Same problem here, GMT 0.
I have been playing several games online and I never get above 100ms, had the same problem during the Neverwinter betas, but I just thought it was because of being in the beta stage, guess it's all Cryptic games...
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03-28-2013, 06:00 AM
Look at me defending Cryptic... but this might be the cause of the problem...

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# 24 Uber Duper Super Lag
05-17-2013, 02:32 AM
Not just rubberbanding!

Ms is like 15MS! and it's LAG?!
yes it's net lag not pc lag.. pc lag would be impossible...

Its just today that's super lag..

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