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03-28-2013, 04:43 AM

Couldn't help myself.

Also I myself will be prepared. Probably playing Mario Kart 7 on 3DS or something like that. There is also the Star Wars Battlefronts for PSP which have taken my soul since I got it in 2008.

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03-28-2013, 04:43 AM
Thanks for the laugh op. Dont ask me why but reading your post made me laugh. In some screwed up sense its so true.

Cryptic what this person says is very true. At launch I do not recall running into a single player who did not want to play as the Romulans. I am sure many will come back just to check it out.
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03-28-2013, 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by smokeybacon90 View Post
If anything, we should be prepared, for queues, lag and crashes. A smart person would take May 21st off, and come back the day afterwards when things have been ironed out.
Agreed. That's likely to be exactly what I'll do.

Saying that, it's what most people with common sense and patience wil/would do. Sadly, I suspect that most of the playerbase will cry and complain, and many will register for the forums to post a single post/comment pertaining to how outraged they are that they can't get into the game to create their new Romulan toon with, as I said in my previous post, ZERO understanding of the fact that they are not the only person who wants to play the new content and that the server will be having to try to cope with, probably, hundreds of thousands of players either trying to log in at the same time or playing the game. Because it's all about hem and what they want.
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03-28-2013, 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
You havn't been around too long have you?

The anniversary event was stable and relyable and had a amazing uptime compared to previous releases for Featured Episodes or even Season 5...
Actually been around almost two years, thought the anniversary was the one time I logged in right after the release, for all the other releases I have waited a few days before logging in, I wanted my Ambassador damn it!

Mmm, I also just wanted to say that I am not one of those gimme, gimme, I want it now types. The anniversary debacle, yeah I don't get to use that word nearly enough, but I understood that. But because they have had several problems with this sort of thing in the past I was just curious as to whether or not they had plans to help alleviate that.

Just wanted to clear that up
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03-28-2013, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by ussweatherlight View Post
Immediately, all of those WoW jokes about Illidan popped into my head.

The anniversary event was merely a setback.
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03-28-2013, 07:25 AM
think bout it...it wont be that bad because of the time zones, here in the UK when all the americans are in bed we are awake and vice versa so fingers crossed it wont be that bad, plus the amount of people that will be at work so frees up more server space, it will all be good guys and if not then find me in game and challenge me to a pvp 1v1 and ill let you blow me up XD
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03-28-2013, 09:26 AM
I am a LTS player, I will have nooooo issues with game log in or game play...

That is what the Devs said if you are a Gold player...noooo issues...

Let me repeat...nooooo issues...

You will be assimilated...
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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
The following happens every time the servers go down, particularly when an update is being installed, I suspect that the May one will be worse than previous (due to the length of time it's liable to take), and it'll go like this:

Protest over how long the downtime takes.

Preemptive complaint over the extended downtime.

Impatience like the world has never seen, and MASSIVE overuse of the words "I" and "want".

Anger due to inability to log into the game once it IS back up from the kind of people who, sadly, seem to geninuely think that they are the only person who wants to play the new content, that the game revolves around them and them alone, and have NO understanding that the server will be having to try to cope with, probably, hundreds of thousands of players either trying to log in at the same time or playing the game.

Massive outrage over newly broken ______ (fill in the blank)

And there will be little, if any, sympathy or understanding shown to the poor devs/Cryptic employees who probably had to work overtime, and then some, to make it happen.
Yes, poor devs who get paid to do what they do and who work in a competitive industry like most of us do. Cryptic is ill prepared every time a new patch/FE rolls out. They always claim that they wait until the uptick in demand justifies buying more server capacity, but they know full well that they could upgrade the capacity incrementally a few days before the patch hits to prepare and do just fine. They are never ready for major temporary population increases and never will be. It's all about the benjamins baby!

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03-28-2013, 09:50 AM
Even if Cryptic is not prepared I am. Going to have a Trek marathon with nothing but Romulan episodes to watch while I play. Tons of munchies. Going to be fun on the bun.

Even the wife is prepared, she knows that she will be a game widow for that week, mostly because when I came on and got thrown to the LoR page I jumped out of my seat laughing manically and did a little dance, scaring the crap out of her and the kidlet.

I am prepared Cryptic. Long queues? I am prepared. Massive lag? I am prepared. DC after DC? I am prepared. Flying my Warbird, decloaking at the most dramatic point and turning some poor Fed player to ash.......You bet your ass I am prepared

If a lowly player such as myself can be prepared so can you.

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