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03-28-2013, 08:46 AM
That's an interesting build. Since you're a science captain, I'm curious what playstyle it's meant to support.

Here are a few observations. Take with a grain of salt.

  1. I've personally found two copies of Transfer Shield Strength to be almost useless as the shared cooldown is only about 5 seconds shorter than the regular cooldown.
  2. Two copies of EP2W will definitely help boost you're firepower, but not having EP2S will cause you to take a hit in survivability. Most run with 2 copies of EP2S so that they can keep its shield resist buff up 100%.
  3. If you're using two copies of HE for max debuff removal, fine, but if you're using it for hull healing, may I recommend using the Lt. Eng. slot for a copy of Aux 2 Structural Integrity which is a reasonable hull heal with a much shorter cooldown.
  4. If your goal is to run Tac Team as much as possible, you'll find Sci Team will just get in the way.
  5. I personally like to take advantage of some of the science control power which come in handy for things like STFs. Plus if a ship can't move, it looses it's defensive bonus. I personally run with a copy of Tractor Beam and Gravity well. This'll depend more on personal playstyle.
  6. Might want to swap one of those CRF for a CSV so you have an AOE option. There are some
  7. Only a minor suggestion, but you may want to consider APO as it includes both a turn/speed boost (which results in a defensive boost) and removes movement debuffs.
  8. I personally prefer using the Borg deflector and engines. Nicer buffs and a innate hull heal.

Here's my build for anyone who's interested. Keep in mind that I made intentional choices with certain aspects to support my playstyle. (As strange as it's sounds, beams work better for me.)


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