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03-28-2013, 08:46 AM
That's an interesting build. Since you're a science captain, I'm curious what playstyle it's meant to support.

Here are a few observations. Take with a grain of salt.

  1. I've personally found two copies of Transfer Shield Strength to be almost useless as the shared cooldown is only about 5 seconds shorter than the regular cooldown.
  2. Two copies of EP2W will definitely help boost you're firepower, but not having EP2S will cause you to take a hit in survivability. Most run with 2 copies of EP2S so that they can keep its shield resist buff up 100%.
  3. If you're using two copies of HE for max debuff removal, fine, but if you're using it for hull healing, may I recommend using the Lt. Eng. slot for a copy of Aux 2 Structural Integrity which is a reasonable hull heal with a much shorter cooldown.
  4. If your goal is to run Tac Team as much as possible, you'll find Sci Team will just get in the way.
  5. I personally like to take advantage of some of the science control power which come in handy for things like STFs. Plus if a ship can't move, it looses it's defensive bonus. I personally run with a copy of Tractor Beam and Gravity well. This'll depend more on personal playstyle.
  6. Might want to swap one of those CRF for a CSV so you have an AOE option. There are some
  7. Only a minor suggestion, but you may want to consider APO as it includes both a turn/speed boost (which results in a defensive boost) and removes movement debuffs.
  8. I personally prefer using the Borg deflector and engines. Nicer buffs and a innate hull heal.

Here's my build for anyone who's interested. Keep in mind that I made intentional choices with certain aspects to support my playstyle. (As strange as it's sounds, beams work better for me.)


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03-28-2013, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by vulcanmonk View Post
Hi bugspatteredjack,

Yes as Lan451 said it's a formatting issue. I will edit. I think you'll be happy with the Chimera, many others have said that it is not worth to get the lifetime only for this ship, but I did, and I'm happy with it. The 500 zen a month is also nice
Oops, my bad! Thanks for the clarification.... brain fart on my part!

Thanks again... looking forward to this ship now!
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03-28-2013, 10:23 AM
Which is better?

[Dam]x3 [Acc]


[Dam]x2 [Acc]x2

I'm leaning towards the latter. My Chimera is a beam boat and the couple times I have missed my utterly devastating BO3 has made me weep sad little tears.
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03-28-2013, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by commanderkassy View Post
Which is better?

[Dam]x3 [Acc]


[Dam]x2 [Acc]x2

I'm leaning towards the latter. My Chimera is a beam boat and the couple times I have missed my utterly devastating BO3 has made me weep sad little tears.
Accuracy is a big deal when dealing with targets with a high defensive value. (faster NPC ships, targetable torpedos, other players) If your accuracy is greater than your targets defensive value, the excess is converted into critical severity. (a few sources I found claim both CritH and CritS, but others claim only the latter.)

If you're dealing with a slow moving NPC, such as a Borg Cube, you may get more overall bang for your buck with the straight up Damage modifier. However if your shot misses all the damage modifiers in the world won't help it.

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03-28-2013, 10:45 AM
That was my suspicion, thank you.

The Chimera makes a very interesting beam boat. In regenerative mode I'm actually very tanky, and even with beams, I'm doing a pretty serious amount of damage. I have zero points in Starship Threat Control, and I still steal aggro from well equipped escorts intermittently.

I like that the Heavy Destroyer is a sort of not-a-cruiser. Very interesting ship.

Looking forward to a fleet Chimera ..
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03-28-2013, 11:23 AM
I've found it to be very effective in more chaotic situations such as Fleet actions. (Have my Starbase 21 trophy in my crew lounge. ) I've also found that tactical mode makes the Chimera more effective at shooting down high defense value objects such as Borg plasma energy bolts.

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05-30-2013, 08:54 AM
I have given my Chimera a different approach. I am a Sci Captain....... My ship is the U.S.S. Lernaean Hydra (one of Chimeras children, the other well known one being Cerberus).

I have two Romulan Mk XII beam banks on the front with the omega plasma launcher and to top the front off a dual heavy Mk XII (romulan) plasma cannon.

On the rear i have that Romulan Experimental Beam and the Kinetic cutting beam, backing this up is the Romulan hyper plasma torpedo launcher.

I benefit as well from the tier 5 NR abilities and have the Plasma hyperflux option for the rear beam.

Shield engine and deflector are borg assimilated Mk X (still working the rep system)

Warp core is Mk XI with [SSS} [SST]

In the engineering slots i have the borg assimilated module and the Romulan zero point conduits.

I have also fitted Mk XII plasma infuser, Mk XII Ambiplasma, Space Jumper, Isometric charge, Tachykintic convertor. I find this is an awesome combination for STF and PvE, useless in PvP.....

I have the boffs set so as I have torpedo spread I II III available as well as Beam overload III and cannon rapid fire I and III. I have assigned sequences of Boff activation using the record function on the G15 keyboard....

I an very lucky in that I have both the Wells and the Mobius.. I use the Mobius for PvP and use antiproton and similar console setup to above. Would love to put my Mobius head on against my Chimera.
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05-30-2013, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by vulcanmonk View Post
Thanks for the feedback!

I really like the Chimera; yes it can be a bit squishy as one poster wrote, and it doesn't have the power of the Andorian Kumari, but overall I like the package it offers, respectable firepower, and well rounded defensive abilities.

So based on comments and some experimentation I decided to make this a full cannon build, the reason being, 1) it seems to allows maximum DPS benefit from consoles and 2) this new build will be a bit 'tank-ier' with a new BOFF layout. This is what I'm using now...

Fore Weapons
Fleet Advanced Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon MkXII (Dmg)x3 (acc) (4)

Aft Weapons
Fleet Advanced Phaser Turret MkXII (Dmg)x3 (acc) (3)

Deflector MACO Adapted Mk XII
Impulse MACO Adapted Mk XII
Shields MACO Adapted Mk XII

Engineering Consoles
Neutronium Alloy Mk XII (Very Rare) (2)
Universal Dynamic Tactical
Science Consoles
Field Generator MK XII (very Rare) (2)
Tactical Consoles
Phaser Relay Mk XII (Very Rare) (4)

Lt Cmd Uni(sci) -
Hazard Emitters I
Hazard EMitters II
Science Team III

Ensign Uni (sci) -

Polarize Hull I

Cmd (tac) -
Tactical Team I
Attack Pattern Beta I
Cannon Rapid Fire II
Cannon Rapid Fire III

Lt (eng) -
Emergency Power to Weapons I
Emergency Power to weapons II

Lt (sci) -
Transfer Shield Strength I
Transfer Shield Strength II

Developmental Lab Scientist (2)
Conn Officer (2)
Spare warfare specialist for STFs

Planned updates. Waiting on our fleet weapons with acc x2. Also need to open more boxes to get the energy weapons officers who lower recharges on cannon abilities. Anybody using those Energy Weapons DOFFS?
Very nice build! I went assimilated module instead of one of those Neutronium's, and Fleet Science console instead of a second field generator

Might be a stupid question, but I thought field generators didn't stack?
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05-30-2013, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by bugspatteredjack View Post
I second this... how do the two of you like your chimera? Is it on par, say with a Temporal Destroyer? With all the goodies Cryptic is bringing us in May I am thinking of going lifer once its on sale again and like the idea of the Chimera personally. Thanks.
I wouldn't say it was QUITE on par with the Mobius, but if it gets a shield buff and a extra console It would definitely be
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05-30-2013, 01:57 PM
It's a funny thing, but with most C-Store ships, I have found the special console some times nice but rarely necessary. However with the DTS console, is by far the most useful special console I've had. Not only do I often toggle in and out of tactical mode depending on the damage I'm taking, but the fact that it has two really nice powers rolled into it is awesome. Seriously hoping this ship gets fleet stats soon.

I will also point out that post-LoR the updated textures look awesome on my Chimera.


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