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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Updated The Vault:
    • Fixed a typo in science career text.
    • Updated the text for the nav beacons.
    • The communications relay satellite now uses a Romulan satellite model.
    • Enlarged map waypoints.
    • Added a waypoint for the docking bay on the Vault.
  • Updated What Lies Beneath:
    • Added a "Locate Computer Core" dialog option in the third floor, in which your Bridge Officer gives you advice on how to descend to the core.
    • Updated mission text in the bottom floor to "Find Core Access Door", since it is a door, not a ramp, and "Descend to Computer Core."
  • Updated Mine Enemy:
    • Updated the text on the system interact button to remove typo for Continue: "Query in the Quarry."
    • Resolved an issue that could cause one encounter group of Romulans in the mine not to spawn if player failed all diplomacy dialogs.
      • Previously, this could halt mission completion.
  • Updated Cutting the Cord:
    • Act 1
      • The tactical optional should no longer appear but not be usable for non-tactical officers.
      • Obisek is now the initial contact when the player enters the Brea system.
      • The Zdenia, Obisek's ship, is present along with the player at the start.
      • Because the Zdenia is present to help the player, the number of enemy ships in the initial battle over the planet was increased.
      • Turrets reprogrammed by the tactical optional objective are now more aggressive about finding valid targets and firing on them.
    • Act 2
      • Obisek is now the initial contact when the player first arrives.
      • The virtual guide FX color is now based on the faction of the player who calls for the guideline.
        • A Klingon generates red lines and a Starfleet officer generates blue.
    • Act 3
      • Changed fight order: Sela is present from the start.
      • Player spawns away from the big space brawl to start.
      • Iconian probes now spawn over several seconds.
      • Romulan ships arrive in reinforcement waves over the course of the fight.

  • The default Foundry mission search now sorts by a weighted rating and not the average rating.

Duty Officers:
  • The Duty Officer System will now unlock for all players at level 11, regardless of their faction.
    • This means Federation players between levels 8 and 10 will temporarily lose access to their Duty Officers.
  • The levels at which Free Duty Officer Packs are rewarded have been altered:
    • Level 11 Federation Packs are now rewarded at level 18.
    • Level 21 Federation Packs are now rewarded at level 23.
    • All packs rewarded at levels 31 and above are unaltered.
  • Any Contacts which require access to the Duty Officer system have had their level restrictions altered to this new standard.

  • Updated the description of single cannon weapons, which had two conflicting sentences about the weapons' firing arc.
  • NPC targetable torpedoes, like Plasma High Yields, will now be easier to hit.
    • They get harder to hit at higher levels.
    • This change does not affect player torpedoes.
  • Remans will no longer use Psionic attacks against non-living targets such as turrets.
  • Romulan NPCs:
    • Both Ground and Space versions of Romulan NPCs now have a weapon proc which diminishes Damage Resistance and Shield Resilience.
      • The magnitude of each is half what a standard Disruptor proc inflicts.
    • The proc from Romulan Disruptor ground weapons no longer spreads to nearby targets, and instead only affects the target that is afflicted.
    • All summoned allies from consumable devices, obtained via the Embassy or Romulan Reputation, now use Plasma weaponry, to match up with other Romulan Republic NPCs.
    • Several Romulan NPCs have had some of their powers changed or removed.
    • Most Romulan NPCs now have abilities that scale as they level, gaining ranks or gaining entirely new abilities as you take on higher level versions of them.
    • All Romulan Ground NPCs are now less likely to use their Palm Strike / Rifle Butt abilities as frequently.
  • Updated the Display Names for many Romulan Ship NPCs.
    • Changed the prefix for Romulan ship types to I.R.W.
  • The Ionized Gas Sensor console, Tailpipe Torpedo, now has more descriptive tooltips that detail exactly what its effects are.
  • Standard Disruptor ground weapon procs now reduce damage resistance by 20% instead of 10%.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing some Mark XI and Mark XII Common (White) quality Engineering consoles to have the stats of Mark XI and Mark XII Uncommon (Green) quality consoles.
    • Higher quality levels, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and UltraRare, consoles are unaffected.

  • The character creator has been totally overhauled.
    • It's still a work in progress.
  • Added a Fleet Ship filter to the ship store.
  • The UI has been reskinned with a new LCARs look.
  • You can now resize the minimap.
    • Go to the options menu and click "Rearrange HUD" to do so.
  • Ship, Bridge Officer, and Captain images in the Status windows are now 3D and can be rotated and zoomed.
  • Certain UI elements now change color to dark red when you are in Red Alert.
  • HUD Reticule colors have been standardized across the faction UIs.
    • Allies are now always green, teammates are always white and enemies are always orange.
  • Channel selector only shows channels valid for the selected tab
  • Also added a little notch on the selected tabs so it's easier to tell which tab is selected.
  • It is now possible to change the input channel of a chat window by right-clicking the text box.
  • Captains can now choose to remove the "U.S.S./I.K.S" prefix from certain starships and shuttles in the Rename Starship interface.
    • This option is available for the following ships:
      • Class F Shuttle
      • Ferengi Shuttle
      • Peregrine Fighter
      • Vulcan Tal'Kyr Shuttle
      • Caitian Stalker Fighter
      • Tholian Fighter
      • Aeon Time Shuttle
      • Rozhenko Time Shuttle
      • Toron Shuttle
      • Type 8 Shuttle
      • NX Class starship
  • Multiple chat windows are now supported.
    • To add additional windows, open the Chat Settings window and click Add New Window.

Known Issues:
  • Creating new Klingon characters has been temporarily disabled.
    • This includes the Create Content character creation.
  • Sometimes if you change chat channel tabs the chat entry field goes away.
    • You can remove the tab and re-add it to resolve this issue.
  • Upon first logging in, you may see your Foundry characters appear in the list of characters to choose from.
    • This is just a display issue, and they'll be properly shown only in the Create Content section after logging in and out.
  • Dialog windows are being updated and are a work in progress.

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