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03-28-2013, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Well, figures.

I was all set to have a dinner date with my log parser and beams of every color and size and test builds all night long... but...

Seems there is a new bug with the Ody and every time I sep it lags out. I have other cruisers but none near as versitile so deep testing becomes meh at best.

I used the Dkora, since it can equip DHCs, and has most of the same Boff and stats of the fleet assault cruiser refit. In battle mode it turns a bit better than the fleet excel but not a whole lot.

Rainbow boats don't do that badly really, 10-15% difference in DPS. The negative stigma is that people who use them are just hopeless as players in general.
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