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Hi all,

So I was checking my Captains recently.

On the Status screens, where you can see the Status for your ship, there are some tabs. One says 'Defense', another says 'Movement' etc. On one of them it says 'Attack'. Inside that tab there are 3 values one of which is Accuracy, another is Crit Severity, and the other is Crit Chance.

On my Tac Captain, on his Kumari escort, he has approx 3% crit chance. I figure this might be ok, especially since this guy really kicks a** in game.

Then, however, I take a look at my Klink Sci Captain in his Fleet Vorcha. This guy has over 6% crit chance on that screen!! I start to wonder why...

Both Captains have an Assimilated Module. Both Captains are using purple Mk 12 DHCs with one CRIT(H) on them. The Tac Captain even has a Zero Point Console!! And his crit chance is less than the Sci!!

So what else is there? What am I missing about this value?

Thx in advance for your input.
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03-28-2013, 07:00 PM
[CrtH] mod on weapons (only applies to the crit chance of that weapon)
Attack Pattern Alpha
Assimilated Console
Zero-Point Console
Tachyokinetic Console
Embassy BOFFs with the "Romulan Operative" trait (namely the Blue-quality Romulan Tactical BOFF)
Romulan T2 Reputation bonus

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03-28-2013, 07:07 PM
its also in the skill tree.

admiral level last box.

i geuss they are called energy weapon and projectile weapon specialazation.

those 2 work on crit chance and crit severity.

also if you have the omega system or romulan system passive's spend in an other way on the 2 toons,it can cause difference, 1 of the passive's on omega rep system side is 3% more crit chance.

also youre bridge officers,the new romulan bridge officers ( bleu qaulity,tactical) can increase youre chance and severity.

i hope this helps,

my officer have a 14% crit chance and a 76% severity,when buffed with the attack pattern alpha 3 skill: 25% 9 igeuss) chance and 115 severity.
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03-28-2013, 08:50 PM
Accuracy in excess of your target's defense also increases your critical strike chance.

The problem is it's hard to gauge what your exact critical hit chance is because the info on your character screen ONLY reflects global critical chance bonuses, not from bonuses that apply to specific weapons or effects. Therefore, your [CrtH] and [CrtX] mods on individual weapons won't be reflected there, and I doubt Energy/Projectile Weapon Specialization is reflected there either. Obviously, since critical chance from accuracy changes based on your target, that's also not reflected. I believe the crit chance mods from the Borg Adapted Console and Romulan Zero Point Energy Console are reflected though, since they are global increases.

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