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# 1 A few features in wanting
03-27-2013, 12:55 PM
A few basic things I feel the foundry desperately needs.

1. The ability to put auto fills such as [Shipname] into the buttons, not just the actual dialogue text. For example one of my missions has the character access a restricted file in the computer and i wanted the response to be [Lastname] Alpha9653Delta. It's necessary for good dialogue to include response options that are personal to the person playing.

2. The ability to move a player from one part of a level to another rather than having to duplicate the level and have a new spawn point. I used the Defiant Interior in a mission and had to use a second version to use deck one, which means another loading screen that will get people frustrated. Sorry if this exists and I don't know about it.

3. Naturally we need better options for building our own interiors. Tried to create a space interior but had to put the level so high in the air that I got nothing but rushing wind sound.

4. I'm going to compile this one: More ship costumes, ship holo-emitters?, and more forcefield options.

5. The ability to limit away team size like some missions in the game do.

6. Can we get the standard playable ship interiors as pre made levels? If something happens inside the ship, it would halp if we could use the same interior that we know we would see if we were to "visit starship bridge" and head down to the crew or engineering deck.

&. Last one I promise, I understand the 3D view would be really difficult and may never happen, but could you at least add a feature to the preview mode that tells us the X,,Y,Z coordinates of our character so we don't have to keep doing shot and miss at where we are putting stuff?

that is all
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# 2
03-27-2013, 01:06 PM
1-6: all good stuff that we've been asking for for years. All we can do is keep asking and keep hoping i suppose.

As for the last one, there is console command /loc that gives you coordinates. You have to do some math though to put it in numbers the Foundry uses.

Here's a video tutorial.

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# 3
03-29-2013, 01:41 AM
All good stuff. I would like to add:

1) Ability to use triggers across all maps, so a decision made in one map can effect an outcome in a later map.

2) NPC behavior triggers, including beam in/out.

3) Allow triggers to effect story board items. so you can have actual branching missions and optional side quest stuff effect main story elements.

4) Solo enemy contacts, so not everyone in a group has the same behavior or animation.

5) Better item descriptions, Took me awhile to see that wall locker 01 had a random open/closed state.

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