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Proud owner of all three Temporal ships, one of each of the Relativity ground weapons, and a Wells Uniform, the Crewmen Daniels' jump suit, and two of the three (working on getting the Temporal Disruption Device ) parts of the Temporal Warfare set.

other Lockbox ships have received some love in from of weapons or such in the Dt. store. so would it be possible to get something like that in for the Temporal ships.

Chroniton Beam Array
Chroniton Turret
Chroniton Cannon
Chroniton Dual Cannon
Chroniton Dual Heavy Cannon
Chroniton Quad Cannon (long shot I know)

so Cryptic, what do you say? willing to throw me a bone here? and don't limit these to just one of each per-ship, please... (exception would be the quad cannon, I understand why that should be limited)  1340247645
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