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A few things ive noticed since playing around on tribble (sorry for things that you already know of)

-All prior C-store purchases seem non existent (ships, costumes, 'services' like extra costume slots)

-All Pre-saved character costumes, in the costume editor are non existent (has me slightly worried...)

- When using the dilithium store tab (under the minimap on the HUD) a slightly too zoomed picture of either factions symbol is shown

- Tholian Rep System has romulan pictures

- After transwarping as a KDF HuD turns blue and reverts back to red quickly

- On testing a mission as a KDF the a kdf contact ingame has face on a FEDERATION *spits* viewscreen

- Carrier unable to launch fighters out of red alert status

- KDF has a blue HUD in a ground mission

- KDF has a blue loading screen in place of KDF red

- when collecting loot, their is no longer a notification above the chat interface (hope this isnt a removed feature, its handy knowing what has appeared in the inventory)

-KDF bridge officers, instead of having thier respective badges on the 'team' part of the HUD, have purple squares.

- Unable to alter what 'part' of chat using, e.g. team/zone/fleet

- Toron Shuttle in C-Store, remains OLD graphic toron shuttle

- Feresan Species not listen in C-store

- Many bundles not listed in C-store

(hope the feedback helps)

On a side note:
Slightly peeved about the tholian fighters appearing in the REPUTATION store, instead of the Dil store, Kinda takes away from Tholian Carrier owners having unique ships, like jemmy carrier...

On a suggestion:
Use the same technology used in the status screens so that we can tailor our costumes much better (zooming wherever we want e.g. SHOES, instead of on the face of our character)

On the Side, Intrigue:
After reading one of the traits it states it boosts EXOTIC damage... could season 8 be the season Sci gets its groove back?
Your Heavy Graviton Beam deals 26470 (10583) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to Assimilated Carrier.

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