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Recently ventured into the world of KDF (which I now love more than my fed collection of ships) purely based on playing with a Negh'Var. Leaving the merits of other ships aside as I know someone may suggest swapping to another, I have noticed some oddities with my power drain on my ship.

- Loadout: 3x DHC and 1 DBB fore, 4 turret rear
- Weapons power is always set to 100 (50/25/25 being the other numbers)
- 9 points in Warp Core potential, 3 points EPS (think that covers it for key skills)

As a Klingon Engineer I have access to Nadion Inv/EPS transfer and currently have 1 copy of EPtW.

So, in battle I've noticed at those times all of my power boosting abilities are on cooldown, my power drain is so much my damage numbers border on pathetic. Curiously, as soon as I deactivate one rear turret, somehow my power drain becomes a lot less and damage numbers stay higher (still of course dipping due to energy being reserved for weapons firing).

I knew it would be ambitious to set a cruiser up to try and deal escort like damage, but since I have one RCS console equipped and some skill points in thrusters my turn rate is actually decent enough to attempt this but the power drain makes the build useless. So, my questions are:

1) Is there some issue with 4 turrets vs 3 with respect to power drain I am unaware of, ie does it alter the firing cycles to coincide with one another with 4 turrets but not 3?
2) Anyone else have these issues with a similar/copy of this setup?
3) Should I cycle 2 copies constantly of EPtW and just accept the downtime between abilities or is there another way to keep power up I'm not thinking of?
4) Should I just make a completely different gear setup with beams or whatever and stick this all on my currently unloved Qin Raptor? I know the huge damage potential is there I'm just not currently doing it justice.

Looking forward to some replies!

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