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Jolan'tru & Aefvadh

Welcome to the recruitment home of: The Imperial Romulan Strike Force.

We are a Romulan-esque fleet that is centered first and foremost on community and fun. We are a group of Romulan fans that enjoy playing the game and having a blast while doing so, and are eagerly awaiting the release of our beloved faction on May 21st.

We are a mature community; there is a 0 tolerance policy for BS, over-inflated egos, politics or drama. Real life carries a lot of drama and stress for most these days, and when we log into STO and say hi to the fleet, we're ready to kick back and have fun, not argue semantics until we turn blue (green?) in the face.

We do not have a large roster to boast about, perhaps only 20 regulars at this point, but to us that isn't the be-all end-all of a fleet, not by a long shot. A fleet should be comprised of folks that want to play the game and have fun doing it; they should be courteous to others and be ready to help or give advice if it is asked for. We want people to feel as though they belong to a community of friends rather than feeling like they're nothing more than another number on a guild's roster.

We are on the fast track to T2 Embassy while the SB is quickly making its way to T4. Our KDF side fleet: Imperial Strike Force: Bloodwing - is about to be upgraded to T1.

We welcome anyone and everyone; casual to hardcore or lifer to F2P. No one is excluded. Keep in mind that most of our members are casual, some jumping on after a hard day's work and desiring nothing more than to chat with some friends and run a few missions. We do not exclude hardcore players, but at the moment we really only have 1 person that could be called such. If you have to have a super hardcore fleet, we are probably not for you.

We recently acquired our own private TS3 server, so those of you who love voice chat will likely find that a helpful resource to have on hand. Our fleet forums and website are now functional:

If we sound like a fleet that you might be interested in, send an in-game mail or PM to one of our leaders. We hope to team up soon!

*Note - We are not affilitaed with any other fleets within STO.

@Ael @Kangaroo120y @Yellowpoint

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