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# 14 Purpose
03-29-2013, 09:03 PM
Engineer 1: Mr. Tactical...did you get my package?
Tactical: ...Yeah...
Engineer 1: Well, good.
Science 1: Engineer!?
Science 2: Whatever it is, it's not reading like an engineer.
Engineer 1: Surprised, to see me?
Tactical: No. *puts on sunglasses*
Engineer 1: Then you're aware of it?
Tactical: Of what?
Engineer 1: Our connection. I don't fully understand how it happened. Perhaps some part of you, imprinted on to me. Something overwritten, copied. It is at this point irrelevant. What matters is that whatever happened, happened for a reason.
Tactical: And what reason is that?

Engineer 1: I killed you Mr. Tactical, I watched you die. With a certain satisfaction I might add. And then something happened. Something I knew was impossible but it happened anyway... You destroyed me, Mr. Tactical. After words, I knew the rules, I knew what I was supposed to do. But I didn't.

Engineer 1: I couldn't. I was compelled to stay. Compelled to disobey. And now, here I stand, because of you, Mr. Tactical. Because of you, I'm not longer an 'agent' of the system. Because of you, I've changed, I'm 'unplugged'. A new man!...so to speak. Like you, apparently free.
Tactical: Congratulations.
Engineer 1: Thank you.

Engineer 1: But...as you well know, appearances can be deceiving, Mr. Tactical. Which brings me back to the reason why we're here. We're not here because we're free; we're here because we're NOT free. There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.

Engineer 2: It is purpose that created us!
Engineer 3: Purpose that connects us!
Engineer 4: Purpose that pulls us!
Engineer 5: That guides us!
Engineer 6: That drives us!
Engineer 7: It is purpose that defines us.
Engineer 8: Purpose that binds us.

Engineer 1: We are here because of you, Mr. Tactical. We will take from you, what you tried to take from us...Purpose!

(Can anybody guess what I watched recently? )

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?

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