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03-29-2013, 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by mustachemav View Post
Please submit your questions to or in game to Maverick@asmick or post here and send me a message in game to check the forums for your submission. Please use/identify your @Name so we can identify & give you credit if your questions are used.

STOked Radio
Jupiter Force
Tried sending you in-game mail, but looks like you got the setting where you only get mail from Jupiter Force members.

Here was my question:

In Dan's previous STOked Radio interview, he mentioned accolades being with the account unlocks than the current per-character unlocks. And gave examples of the STFs, where players with multiple characters didn't have to grind out 300 STFs for each of their characters.

I like to ask him, does he still think that could happen? If so, at the time of LoR?

Also, be nice if he could give some examples of other accolades that could be account unlocks than character.
For example, the Exploration Accolades, the old Deep Space Encounter, and of course the PvP Accolades (where 3 of the accolades are tied to dailies and literally takes over a year to complete). Maybe even those infamouse Capital Ship accolades that requires luck (Red Alerts) or spending months camping the Breen missions?

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