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Originally Posted by catoblepasbeta View Post
A infiltration/coup of the Federation would be interesting, but keep in mind that the leader of the Romulan Republic is D'tan, who is anythign but underhanded if his dialogue with the Tal'Shiar agent on NEw Romulus are anything to go on. Also keep in mind that the Republic was founded by freedom fighters overthrowing the Romulan Star Empire (Sela, etc) and they are in direct conflict with the Tal'Shiar, I don't think there is much chance that they have much in the way of anything 'Romulan' left in them, it's all been bleached out.
well said on both parts gentleman.

Yes in terms of story, romulans have alot to gain by being with the klingons and federation. This isnt the Empire Romulans we are use to this is the, new republics of romulans essentially. With themselves engaged with the Tal'shiar "old empire romulans" it is again a great importance that these new romulans have some allies on their side as they are eather limited in numbers, dont have the resources at hand as they did when they were part of the RSE and so on. So being part of both sides could be beneficial.

So far all we have as "good motives" on their parts are of D'tans video sequecnes with the Tal'shiar commander, also with our own captains. Is he being truthfull and honest and wants a peacefull alliance with both sides who knows, but will find out over time I guess.

But the main thing that kinda makes a detour of sorts is that "for me again" is that these republic romulans, if so "honorable/truthworthy" ect, are joining both sides (federation and Klingon) and allieing themselves with each, and also contributing military might with each in battle.. they are indeed going to have to fight one another. How does that compute for a group of romulans who want to rebuild and be peacefull but then take sides in the end and fight with the two factions at war and again, fight each other at the same time. Now Im no rocket scientist here but that doesnt make the least sence at all.

In retrospec, I still think ,that this has to do with they couldnt get everything all done for this faction so they are in my sense of things, bandaiding a situation for a faction till they can get starbase and what not on the level for this faction, and also see if its worth putting more developement time in getting them further along to becoming a stand alone faction. Is there alot of romulan fans as there are feds.. do the devs want to see another "kdf faction" in the game. Guess time will tell but they should allowed something simplistic in the sense to allow romulans fans to be a stand alone faction see if there are good numbers to backing a further developement process on them by adding in more content for them such as starbases ect.

And I hate to say this as we are just talking about romulans.. we still have the kdf in the corner waiting for content.
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Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
With the Romulan Faction, and the way it is now, being allies with the federation and klingon empire was only temporary and that later in eather another game update or expansion, there would be an option to just go strickly Republic Romulan without the need for federation fleets or klingon fleet holdings to be used by Romulans. That you would have your own Romulan Starbase. Would you Feel much better with what we will be getting in may in terms of Romulan Faction?

Or are you happy with how the Romulan Faction is being developed currently and being tied to eather Federation or Klingon?


For me if there is a major plan by the devs that the romulans are only allieing themselves with the federation and klingon empires strickly because they are rebuilding and will eventually be in my terms there own faction with there own starbases ect, I would be happy. For me I just cant get over the fact that I just dont really like the romulans being "to me" developed currently and being forced to choose sides between selecting the federation or klingon sides as allies. To me I see something totally wrong with this. If these are republic romulans, why are they choosing two different sides which would result in there species fighting each other for two other factions issues.

If that were the case I would have much more preferred that they didn't release it in May and just hold off until it was finished.

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