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If I am going to buy (Zen/$$$) for a premium ship they should have 1 COMMANDER bridge officer station for each Div Sci/Tactical/Engineering and then addl lesser ranks as a bonus or at least an option to upgrade with energy credits, dilitium, fleet marks or zen. My biggest problem with this game is just that, its totally retarded wth? I mean.. only a very few fed ships have ANY kind of Commander bridge officer stations, whats the point of the BO rankings then?, IDK just Me, oh .. and on an additional and unrelated note, whats the point of leveling up ?, when you are very high level and still the smallest/lesser ships/npc's whatever that were easy to beat at low lever, level up with You and just as hard to beat, when your max level? i mean i understand challenge but, ... like RPG's e.g. Dragons age(and even with a experience cap,which is retarded) you level up to the max and killing a field mouse is just as difficult as when you were level 1? lol

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