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So I am working on my third episode of a Star Trek spoof that pokes a bit of fun at the original series. I try to find a balance between silliness and plot but the humor often gets out of hand (sorry). This is a dialogue heavy endeavor. I'd equate the delirious diatribe to a choose your own adventure book (if anybody remembers those). If you're interested in a bit of fun in between rep farming and fleet mark farming, you may want to check my work out. Or if you're just tired of boring missions, these missions will provide you something completely different.

You must be level 16+ to play these missions.

Episode 1: An Old Flame [Lackey System, Sirius Sector Block]
Episode 2: Fire on Ice [Lateri System, Beta Ursae Sector Block]
Episode 3: Sweet 116 [out soon]
Episode 4: Heatwave [WIP]
Episode 5: Firemind [written]
Episode 6: Gorn Clubbing fans [planned]

**WARNING: These dialogue heavy spoofs mock aspects of Star Trek's clich?s. If you think Star Trek is serious business or if you don't like to read, please don't play them. Thank you.**

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