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We begin offering advanced seminars on April 27th, at 8pm CET/8pm EDT (regular Boot Camp times). If you want me to post a registration thread for you, respond to this thread with the following info:

- Course Title
- Scope: What will you cover? Give me at least 2-3 sentences, which I will then use as part of advertisement.
- Requirements for Students (e.g., students must bring such and such a career, equipment, etc.)

So that we don't have 15 classes full of 1-2 students, I want to limit the number of offerings we have this time, and I am also hoping that coaches, who may need development in some areas, will also attend the advanced sessions. For example, assuming I am not too tied up for admin work that day, I may attend a session related to escorts/dmg.

So I propose a maximum number 5 classes per time zone session. THIS WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. That is, the first 5 coaches who post a course for CET will have priority. The same applies if they can teach both sessions (CET and EDT). Let's see what kind of turnout we get with 5 courses and if it is determined that 5 is too limited, then we will expand.

Thanks everyone!

PvP Boot Camp Project Leader Emeritus

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