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If I am going to buy (Zen/$$$) for a premium ship they should have 1 COMMANDER bridge officer station for each Div Sci/Tactical/Engineering and then addl lesser ranks as a bonus or at least an option to upgrade with energy credits, dilitium, fleet marks or zen. My biggest problem with this game is just that, its totally retarded wth? I mean.. only a very few fed ships have ANY kind of Commander bridge officer stations, whats the point of the BO rankings then?, IDK just Me, oh .. and on an additional and unrelated note, whats the point of leveling up ?, when you are very high level and still the smallest/lesser ships/npc's whatever that were easy to beat at low lever, level up with You and just as hard to beat, when your max level? i mean i understand challenge but, ... like RPG's e.g. Dragons age(and even with a experience cap,which is retarded) you level up to the max and killing a field mouse is just as difficult as when you were level 1? lol
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03-31-2013, 11:05 AM
1. Short Term: Crush The Enemy
2. Mid Term: See them driven before me
3. Long Term: Hear the lamentation of their women.

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03-31-2013, 10:20 PM
Short Term

add some deeper story fix the graphical bugs and combat bugs.
remove the real money cost from fleet earn ships. AKA Fleet modules.

Mid term

Add some features for fleet actions at lower levels and get some better ground play you could increase late game pay off to allow a player to get started for fleet base (guild based) raids or fleet only actions that have the largest pay offs.

Long term

More factions. this is star trek not pvp starfleet star trek has tons of good factions rangeing from the dominion, borg, cardassians and more. this is just a start. there are thousands of racial quests that can go into this certain races get requests from home to act for there species and such. the game could be amazing if allowed to. but little changes like more random generated quests and far more factions. and don't forget to try restricting technolagy for races... starfleet is known for certain weapons and rules and the prime directive prevents them from takeing certain tech. they can modify it on some ships but that is only during war. think about that before allowing federation and klingon with borg style weapons or dominion style weapons.
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# 3664 My requests
04-01-2013, 02:37 PM
Short Term

1) You can chose how many people you can take on an away mission so it fits the mission story, for example, only taking one officer for a mission briefing, it would give foundy mission creators more leeway in their stories.

2) The amount of duty officers you are allowed on your roster should correspond to the crew complement rating on you ship stats. You can never have enough DOFFs!

3) On harder difficulties, there should be a chance for your bridge officers to get killed if they are incapacitated too many times, it would make the story more realistic.

Mid Term

1) You should have the option to either beam down, or actually fly a shuttle/runabout down to a planet in a mission, It would allow foundry mission creators to create mission problems sometimes found in the show.

2) You should be able to take Duty Officers from you Roster on away missions in place of Senior Officers to fit the Storyline of any particular mission, you can equip them with gear from your inventory.

3) More decks to the interior of your ship, the amount of space should correspond to the class of ship you are currently using.

Long Term

1) Your ships that are not being used should become part of your own "mini fleet" You can assign bridge officers and a crew to manage and send on missions., you can also call them during combat to come and assist you, much like the current space ability.

2) you should be able to set a home world and build your own house there, maybe make more ground maps on existing planets you can visit like Risa or Andoria.

3) More Mission variety on secondary mission such as the exploration of space missions, the missions currently available can be extremely repetitive.

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04-01-2013, 08:45 PM
Short- pvp maps fixed, new pvp maps/game modes, otha remastered

medium- end game raid content!! real raids with exrteeem difficulty and unique loot drops. pvp rep system

long- expanding on pvp and end game more
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04-03-2013, 08:43 PM
A second deflector dish on science ships would be a great way to slightly boost them. They already have two deflector dishes in the lore and model design.
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04-04-2013, 01:14 PM
One of the idea's I have is that to be able to promont your biage officers to Captians and sent them on missions like a Dilthium mission or a Tacital mission and so forth. What are your thoughts. And another one is to see Starfleet Command and do missions within SF Command as an Admiral.
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04-05-2013, 05:34 AM
Glanced through this and there are some pretty good ideas.

Short Term
1) Group "Vote to kick" for players who deliberately warp into STF's and Rep missions. Then sit at the spawn point doing nothing.
2) Fix the remaining "White blobs" in some of the Borg encounters.
3) Fix the uniform bugs.

Mid Term
1) Improved mission text especially on the STF's. Taking STF's as an example, long time players know what you need to do for the bonus but new players don't have a clue and having it in the mission text would be incredibly useful.
2) The ability to form a taskforce/raid group for the current large group missions would be nice, form up and either queue or fly straight to the system with the mission. Cut out the frequently over long waiting times.
3) Make the reputation store items bind to account instead of character. You spend all that time researching weapons to end up with way more choices than you could ever use on the one character. Of course limit the use of each tier's weapons to only characters with the appropriate reputation, lets not make it too easy to give all of your characters kick ass gear and keep the ship/personal sets to character bind.

Long Term
1) Make some use of your old ships, don't just have them sitting waiting, hoping to be used at some point. Assign a Bridge Officer to captain them, removing that officer from your current crew. Making the ship available to run a weekly/monthly mission for fleet marks, reputation marks or Dilithium. Only 1 ship can be sent on a mission.
2) Improve the ship interiors, if you're in a Defiant, you have a Defiant type interior. Make them match the ship class better and make the captains ready room look different too.
3) I quiet like the idea of using your old ships as emergency reinforcements in PvE encounters. Maybe limiting things a little so that you can initially only summon in 1 ship to aid you with the number rising to about 5 by the time you hit VA.

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04-06-2013, 08:01 AM
adjust the particle system to prevent incoming projectiles from turning invisible when there are just too many for the system (invisible one-shot bug?)

re-assessment of PVE science abilities and buffs to them

More kitbashing options in ship builder, especially with focus on more 25th century looking designs
More STF's, especially in 10-20 player types

Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied by the game and what's in the pipeline
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04-07-2013, 03:35 AM

Instead of dailies all being based on a smattering of 20-24 hours from when you accepted them, make the timers reset at a given time every day. The exact time doesn't matter too much, but just at, for example, 5pm PST (when dil refining resets), any dailies you had done since the previous 5pm reset are now available once more. If you had finished a daily but hadn't turned it in yet, sorry.

This will honestly make dailies easier to do each day if your schedule is not regular day to day.

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