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04-01-2013, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Cryptic already told you what the status quo was. I mean, really, you're trying to convince me you have 500 separate people in your fleet with zero alts? I don't buy that. Neither should anyone here in the Klingon sub forums.
My Fed fleet has an open alt policy and there are 380 unique accounts in it (for 500 characters). My KDF fleet has the same policy and there are 338 unique accounts in it. There are a number of fleets with very strict alt policies that *are* at or near capacity already. Go talk to these Fed megafleets (i.e. 400-500 members) and see for yourself what their situation is: 1st Starfleet Germany, 44th Fleet, Access Denied, Ausmonauts, -Battle Group Judge-, Battle Group M.A.C.O., Borg Syndicate, Fed Alliance Fleet, Federation Deepspace Operations, Flotta Stellare Italiana, Fubar Inc, Guardians of Equestria, Inner Circle, Kodiak Legion, LaFamilia, Orion.Empire., Pride of the Federation, Proteus, REDdit Alert, S.O.B., Shadow Force, SSOG, Starfleet M.A.C.O., Starfleet Medical Command, Stonewall Fleet, UFP.

And yes, there are also several very large KDF fleets that will have similar issues.

Cryptic has said in the past they weren't going to raise the fleet cap, but obviously this news should merit that they relook at the policy since they want to significantly raise the number of characters on both the Fed and KDF side.

There are a number of possible solutions that come to mind: raise fleet cap (say to 1000), give a separate fleet cap for Romulan faction (500), or change it to 500 accounts regardless of alts.
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