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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I can second this, a very few very vocal people are complaining.
The homepage does not support your guess

i cite from the upper homepage from the cm
"beginning of cite
Total number of separate accounts that posted in the thread: 194
Positive responses: 13.9% - 107 posts
Negative responses: 23.8% - 183 posts
Neutral responses: 15.2% - 117 posts
Off-topic responses: 47.1% - 363 posts
End of cite"
almost 50 % % of the posts were off topic....just calculate this out
50% were topic related just stretch this to 100%
Positive responses: 13.9% - 107 posts -->say 14 times 2 --> 28 % positive
Negative responses: 23.8% - 183 posts --> say 24 times 2 --> 48 % negative
Neutral responses: 15.2% - 117 posts --> say 15 times 2 --> 30 % neutral

Now something from the german forum --- a survey

link if you like to see it:

i will give you summary

30 % have no opinion
25 % say addons have both advantages and disadvanteges
15 % are afraif will end like the klings
55 % saying it is not what i expected from the addons

After all it is all numbers

It is about the quality of their comments

It is not about the question if the majority is negative or positive. It is about treating the customers like individuals really listening to thier concers and not to practice what we call in Europe "Basta-Polics"( it means my words are final no discussion just accept what i think is best for you and this my last word)

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