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Iv been using carriers for awhile now and they seem to launch to few fighters for their size in my opinion id like to see the atrox and vo'quv have 4 or 5 hanger bays since they are meant to carry for offensive and defence purposes,
the max peregrine fighters you can have out at once is 12 with 2 hanger bays and with delta flyers/runabout you can have 8 out at one time so with two more hanger bay they start to seem like carriers 24 fighters would be more then enough ships to carry for a carrier and i know that starfleet is not a military faction, military factions would have 50 if not a 100 fighters

This is my first time posting on forums and does anyone else feel the same way?
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04-02-2013, 01:09 AM
Worst idea in a very long time. This is not BSG with 9000 fighters. Do you have any idea what would happen to PvP or even PvE with even one? It would be a total spam/lag fest, hell the servers would probably crash.
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04-02-2013, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by polie05 View Post
Worst idea in a very long time. This is not BSG with 9000 fighters. Do you have any idea what would happen to PvP or even PvE with even one? It would be a total spam/lag fest, hell the servers would probably crash.
more so than it already is lol

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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04-02-2013, 03:30 AM
What im trying to get at is dont call a ship a carrier unless it can carry a dozen fighters heres an example the daedalus from stargate is not a carrier its a battlecruiser and it can carry 16 fighters and the atrox, vo'quv and jem'hadar dreadnought can only carry 8-12 max and their considered carriers and they dont even carry enough fighters to even be considered a carrier, the jem dread should atleast carry 30 or more im not saying give us a hundred fighters Im just saying for a carrier it underperform in its only role which is carrying fighters, one more thing the carriers in star trek are way bigger then the daedalus and how does fighters make people lag also fighters are nothing to me fire at will takes care of them in seconds
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04-02-2013, 04:18 AM
unless you want to see fighters get a 30% dps nerf in order to launch 30% more of them...*shrugs*

even in canon the galaxy could be refitted as a capital carrier, but its how you implement such into the game in such a way as to not leave carriers as the new goto easyboat.

if all ships had inherent point defence ratings it could make a difference, but thats maybe another topic.
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04-02-2013, 04:20 AM
Originally Posted by tiranis47 View Post
can only carry 8-12 max
No. they can only LAUNCH 8-12 at a time. Ships carried, and ships in-flight are different things. They can carry an infinite amount technically, as the hangar bays keep reloading for the ships to be redeployed when needed.
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04-02-2013, 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by tiranis47 View Post
what Im Trying To Get At Is Dont Call A Ship A Carrier Unless It Can Carry A Dozen Fighters
3 * 4 = 12
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04-02-2013, 06:24 AM
The easiest way to implement it (without screwing up balancing) would be to simply update the visuals. Just have them launch flights (3) of fighters instead of just a single one, each flight having the same stats as a current single fighter and being a single object.

That way you'd have 36 fighters out there, while still only having 12 targetable objects.

Similar to Civ 4, where you can decide if your unit gets represented by a single or multiple little guys, while not having any effect on it's performance.

But if you're arguing with realism, I always wonder where my Vesta keeps those 50 runabouts that get launched and destroyed in each battle. Perhaps hangars should become consumables, which you have to restock at ESD after each battle...

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04-02-2013, 06:28 AM
Gameplay trumps realism.

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04-02-2013, 06:50 AM
None of the carriers in STO actually deserve the name "carrier". The fighter pet AI is terrible, but more pressingly, all the carriers actually carry tons of capital-grade weapons.

This is vaguely akin to someone retrofitting an Iowa-class battleship by taking off the last turret and slapping on some F-35s in a hangar (a la the Moskva class).

That's not a carrier, it's a TAVKR- Heavy Aviation-Carrying Cruiser, in Russian parlance.

Let us assume that each fighter 'hangar' bay has a 1500-2500 dps capability, and let us assume that a carrier has between six and seven weapons slots, each of which is probably capable of 500-1500 dps before skill bonuses.

A true carrier, therefore, should have no weapons slots, but should have (3000-10,500)/(1500-2500)= ~2-6 hangars beyond the the standard two, or four to eight hangars depending on a variety of factors.

With four hangars each launching two flights of three fighters, you get a carrier wing of 24 fighters.

However, basically anyone could tell you that this ship would be a terrible failure. The fighter AI is insufficient for this task. Fighters are too slow, too stupid, and too poorly armed to be particularly lethal against player ships and player ships have very poor point-defense against fighters, for the most part.

The easiest fix for this, as far as I can tell, is to give the carrier ship a variety of built-in skills that compliment its fighters. Scrap sensor analysis and subsystem targeting on a carrier; after all, it has none of its own weapons, and does not need them. Similarly, most offensive skills are useless on a carrier with no weapons.

So. What skills would be optimal for fighters?

Built In Ship Skills:
1. Fighter Direction (built in passive)- sensor analysis-like stacking buff to your fighters energy weapons damage when you maintain a target lock on a hostile target.
2. Emergency Scramble (built in active)- all fighters launch at once. 180 second cooldown, doubles time to launch next hangars.

Tactical boff skill:
1. Attack Pattern Epsilon I- all fighters gain an instantaneous recharge to their torpedo cooldowns and conduct a bombing run on your selected target.
2. Attack Pattern Lambda I- all fighters gain a 30% buff to energy damage for 15 seconds.

Eng boff skill:
1. Evasive Maneuvers Beta- All fighters gain an "evasive maneuvers" skill and scramble back toward their carrier, attacking a random target currently firing on their carrier.
2. Hangar Repair Protocol- all fighters regain 50% of their health over 10 seconds and immunity to warp core breaches around them.

Sci boff skill:
1. Fighter Shield Hardening- all fighters gain a 25% boost to shield resistance and 50% recharge of their shields over 10 seconds.
2. Shield Bombardment- fighters gain a 75% boost to DPS but do not damage hull for 10 seconds.

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