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Originally Posted by pakimpar View Post
I have made my MBA. Not companies decides what is profitable the customer decides. Good and succesful companies always includes key users in the research and development process. It is the most succesfull advantage of good companies. If opinions are irrelevant why should the game companies do betas. Only for testing how the features will be liked by us.

We have the money...We are the basis of the game....sto is not an isle of devs.

I was a player from the start of sto(i created today a new pw account because of technical problems...this was my first of day writing in the forums because it really upsets to see that our opinion is declared to be irrelevant)

My opinion is worth to be heard....just that i am disappointed ....doesn't mean that i am againts cryptic.....i have children myself and sometimes i critisize them because i want them to better and criticism is both possible...the world is grey and not black and white
Please don't misunderstand what I am saying. What I said was you're (and keep in mind I am not necessarily saying "you're" as in you specifically) opinion is irrelevant to THE PROCESS. Basically decisions are made based on what the company feels is best. Not what the playerbase feels is best.

Again, Ideally there is a overlap between what the company wants and what the playerbase wants. And yes, there is no way a company that decides things without costumer feedback is going to stay in business. but my point is people all too often think video games are a democracy. That because they pay XX amount of money they are entitled to a say in the direction of the game. And that is just not the case.

Opinions are one thing. And yes you are entitled to your opinions. But that does not mean a video game company, any video game company has to do what you want because you have paid whatever amount it is you have paid into the game.
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04-01-2013, 05:38 PM

Now i have understood you right. i partially agree but not totally

This discussion reminds me the scifi game mass effect trilogythat almost everyone heard here as a scifi fan.

a short summary:

The end of mass effect 3 was the end of the fantastic trilogy, but this was ending was illogical and not well done compared to the quality of the game. That is why almost 90 % of the users were complaining. But the devs were felt attacked directly and said that is is the freedom of the devs and they won't change this ending. They say art is not discussable.

At the end Bioware has made a better and more logical ending because of the overwhelming criticism.

This a good example that opinions can change products and devs should not take it too personal if people are critisizing their products. I can understand is their babies and we are saying they are not cute

i have and will always play sto, but something should change in the way cryptic is communictaiong with us .
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04-01-2013, 06:11 PM
But there is not solidarity in the World of MMO. There is not solidarity in STO. All I can see is Fed fans, they have no interest in KDF or Romulan problems, same for KDF or Romulans fans, and well, casuals players, they have their personal point of view and dont help others . We have a weak player comunity so we have a weak MMO here, I think.
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Originally Posted by fernandojimenez View Post
But there is not solidarity in the World of MMO. There is not solidarity in STO. All I can see is Fed fans, they have no interest in KDF or Romulan problems, same for KDF or Romulans fans, and well, casuals players, they have their personal point of view and dont help others . We have a weak player comunity so we have a weak MMO here, I think.
No we have the best community here.
The most intelligent, passionate and reasonable people are playing this game. Somes passion is stronger than it comes to romulans. This is still a very civilized discussion. In other games it would end in super trolling and chaos.I have faith that cryptic will listen. We stand united in the hope for the best of sto. But what is the best way and how to accomplish it. This is matter of discussion.
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Originally Posted by fernandojimenez View Post
But there is not solidarity in the World of MMO. There is not solidarity in STO. All I can see is Fed fans, they have no interest in KDF or Romulan problems, same for KDF or Romulans fans, and well, casuals players, they have their personal point of view and dont help others . We have a weak player comunity so we have a weak MMO here, I think.
I understand what you're saying here, but I'm not sure I agree completely. In the game I've been helped out many times by strangers in zone chat before I joined a fleet. I think the player base is generally helpful and friendly if you ask in the correct manner.

I am also of the opinion that the community here cares a great deal about STO and to varying degrees, the factions they play. I think the negativity and even the expression of so called "forum rage" shows genuine concern.

I think the frustration and concerns are growing pains. I think they're natural. I believe that when people rage or vent, they get too personal sometimes. I don't think it's because of a lack of care and I'm not sure there is a lack of solidarity. Plenty of people here share their concerns and have expressed them skillfully. I think there is some solidarity amongst the "ragers".

I'm not sure I understand what we need solidarity for, to what end? What are we trying to accomplish? I've seen areas where in game issues are addressed by devs, there are outstanding concerns that sometimes go back for months and some to the beginning of public launch, but we can't change a game play mechanic that hasn't even reached tribble yet.

And speaking more generally than to you specifically; it's impossible to address all of the concerns and to make everyone happy. I have some specific concerns about the little bit that I've gleaned from LoR Ask Cryptic, mostly about how PvP will shape up with a faction that splits its personnel among its two warring allies.

But there may be an ingenious roll out for this choice. I haven't seen it and that is what makes my concerns merely speculative at this time. I am grateful the devs have developed a Romulan faction. I have friends in the gaming industry and I've been allowed to observe some game creation in progress. It's complex, time consuming work. I'm grateful for the chance to play my favorite polity in Star Trek lore. I too would like to have seen the Romulans rebuild their empire, pre-Nemesis. But thanks to Nemesis and the ST:2009 movie, the Romulan Empire has been severely deformed.

This is what Cryptic has to work with from the start. Sometimes when a creative force messes around with something that is a pillar of our creative/fantasy/dream world of escape and imagination, it can be more devastating and painful than if something dramatic were to happen in real life. Star Trek goes back to childhood for many of us. Some of us were Star Trek fans drawn much more closely to a non-federation polity like the Klingon or Romulan Empires. I'm not saying that anyone should stay mum. That no one should stay silent and not speak up and mention their concerns. I'm saying that we should have perspective about the frustration, anger and pains that the growth of STO and Star Trek has out on us and try not to be venomous to other players or the dev team. We're all humans in real life, we make mistakes and most of us try our best.

I'm reserving my opinions about the Romulan faction till I can play them. Even if my concerns become validated it doesn't overshadow the long hours and hard work a real living being has put into this fantasy environment for our entertainment.

Thanks devs. Here's hoping for a phenomenal launch and constructive collaboration to fix the bumps that can't be avoided.
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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
For goodness sakes, please remember that this forums has guidelines. Please tone down the rhetoric or this thread will get locked. Going out of bounds is going to lead to infractions.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of assumptions being made in this thread that are way out of whack for how it is actually implemented. Many posts are stating opinions about something that no one in the public has played yet.

Give the hard working team some credit for everything they've been working on by reserving your opinions until you actually play it. It will be free to play and free to download the expansion. If you want to judge something you haven't played just based on a description, then sorry, you're missing some of the best content we've ever made.

If you don't like it, don't play a Romulan. It isn't required that you play a Romulan. Yes we've been talking about how we would implement other factions in the game for a while, and as I said then, plans can change. Even since that Reddit chat, we actually did the work to make Romulans their own faction.

Many people are hearing "choose an ally" and thinking that you become FED or KDF and that is not true. You remain a Romulan. You don't lose your identity. You don't lose your faction's goal. Your ally is there to help you - to give you tech - to give you ships and help you stand up against the Tal Shiar. Even in game right now, New Romulans are looking to both Klingons and the Federation to help, and this is just an extension of that. So it is not about you dropping what your goals are and reporting into Admiral Quinn now. You report to the Romulan Republic.

This also allows for cross faction teaming. Something that encourages group gameplay and can be fun. Want to go play some Romulan missions, but don't want to be a Romulan? Go team up with one and help them with their missions. Want to help fight the silent enemy? Queue up together and go fight together. We've made a commitment that when we make fun new events, they are for everyone to play. Yes the "Star Trek Rules" bend sometimes when we have Feds and KDF grouping up to fight the Borg, but it can also be a lot of fun and leads to a more lively MMO.

Anyone who wants a 3rd queue faction hasn't played a Klingon. As I said before, that isn't good for the game. We allow cross faction teaming because it allows more people to play together.

Play Legacy of Romulus and either enjoy it or not. The proof will be whether or not the game continues to grow and if people enjoy it as much as we think they will. Fortunately, our continued future success is not based on what people think of something they haven't even played yet.

We look forward to showing you everything we've been working on very soon. This is why we're working the extra time to get things setup and ready on TRIBBLE. We're almost there.

Live Long and Prosper.
Good talk Dan!
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Actually, the reason I don't bother with KDF gameplay is that it is really Klingon gameplay.

Every story, every mission, even the DOFFing is all Klingon, all the time.

I would have loved to see some Orion, Gorn, Nausicaan or Lethean specific stories, just to break up the "Honor! Death! Glory!" stories.

It's even more galling that my KDF Captain is not a Klingon, so he wouldn't apply their solutions to his problems.

Also, I've grown tired of the KDF bugs that remain unfixed despite over a year of reminding Cryptic to fix them.

Which is why, given the choice, I will always choose Starfleet over KDF.

As for Romulans, I was more interested in them, but the withdrawal of my desired playable race was the major factor in putting that "faction" (note the Turian airquotes) on hold.

The second factor is I expected a faction all about Espionage, diplomatic double-dealing and just outright deviousness.
Instead, I got a minifaction that just goes straight into Starfleet gameplay with none of the trademark Romulan storyline trademarks.

As for Mass Effect 3, I wasn't too thrilled by the final chapter.
I expected to fly around the galaxy nuking Reapers with the Thanix cannon (mainly because I always wanted to know what would happen if you used a Reaper weapon on Reapers).
Instead, we invest all our effort in building a massive plot device and agonizing over the death of a few people on Earth (and I mean few, it's just the crew of a shuttlecraft!) when there's a war to fight and many more people galaxywide are dying!

Also, the lack of control involved in two character's fates annoyed me no end.
I didn't want Legion to die, but no matter what path I took, he still ended up dead.
And Thane, all he can do is die slowly or die faster.

That's what ME3 felt like for me, that all the decisions had been predetermined and no matter what choices I made, I could only change small parts of the story.
And what I changed only had personal impact (for example, making sure Miranda and Kelly didn't get killed), they had no effect on the larger story.
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I think a have good solution for all of us(devs, rom-alts and rom mains)

Why we are not introducing a 3 way-side system:

1 way to choose fed

1 way to choose kdf

1 way to choose Romulus(the rom main stay there and are willing to wait until their faction will be 100 %) would even fit to the story because are building everything from the bottom

make the decisions ultimate

+ romulan ships only for romulans

+romulan are not allowed to enter qonos or esd only ds9 or droganza(because romulans are still under suspension und ds9 and droganza would be livelier)

This solution won't change the plans of cryptic and it is technical possible and would make everything happy

What you are thinking ?

Give me feedback
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Actually, that's what I thought we were getting.

If you want to stay Pure Romulan without choosing a side, do so!

But apparently, you have to choose Starfleet or Klingon, no middle ground.

Personally, I think this problem could be solved by just buffing up on the XP on the featured episodes, which are the only true non-factional content.

I'm not going to play the faction because of the condition for playing it mentioned many times, but in theory, if I did play it, I'd be perfectly happy with an unfinished faction until they can give it a proper treatment!

Heck, I levelled a KDF to max rank on nothing but sector explores!

And that was back when the game had next to nothing for levelling besides those missions, there are more options now.

As for the Romulan equivalent of Diplomacy, if they're not motivated to create a unique system at the moment, just let us tag all Diplomacy and Maruading missions and accumulate the points towards the Doffing Rank.

Starbases might be a bit more complicated, it'll require creating 5 distinct models and the interior as well.
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There needs to be Liberated Borg Romulan as an option added solely for lifetime subscribers for the launch of the new half faction. Not only would this make current lifetime subscribers happy, it would give those who don't have lifetime subs another reason to think about getting one. A lack of Liberatee Borg Romulan at the start would be a serious kick in the groin to all current lifetime subscribers!

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