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It occured to me that since some tactical captain powers are being reworked such as GDF and the innate 50% health activation on tribble, could this mean that we could start to revamp seriously weakened and nerfed science space abilities that were working as intended but nerfed to prevent tac captain players from abusing and buffing science powers like crazy ...OP

I would like to see science abilities like photonic shockwave, fbp, tykeins rift, tachyon beam etc get buffed up because quiet frankly, these powers are utterly worthless even fully buffed into consoles, skill tree etc. The devs won't buff them up as they have yet to find a way to actually prevent tactical players from spamming and buffing science powers with Alphas and such which abuses and completely makes pvp unbalanced. However since abilities like GDF are being modified so tac players can only activate it at 50% health or under, then is it possible that the devs may provide some buffing and revamping to some seriously nerfed powers described above?

I would love some input and ideas from the community about the possibility of maybe implementing some way that could balance things out and maybe start relying on once-decent powers again than to keep spamming a "I win" singular power like subnuc

I don't know about you guys/gals, but I am getting tired of relying on subnuc to even make a difference in pvp let alone have one power that is both a gamble and a trouncing power that can crush even the mightiest/ skillful players in this game even though they could have a science team 1 in reserve to counter

In any case I'd like to hear some feedback and feel free to object/ counter-argue in a respectful way. I understand there are thousands of threads about weak science powers however in light of season 8 changes, I feel we should address or in the very least talk about it.

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04-01-2013, 09:31 PM
As much as I would love to see some sci powers get revamped. I'd rather it happen when the Devs arnt busy with releasing several new systems and a very large expatiation.

Player powers aren't something you should mess with while distracted.
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04-02-2013, 12:18 AM
I agree releasing new content will most likely mean the devs will be busy full time for the next little while.

I read somewhere that they might also be making and releasing a season 9 at or around the end of 2013. I thought if we could get enough chatter going so that we could get the devs attention in respects to buffing useless skills come season 9 to balance things out. Just a thought

Oh and I did an experiment using my tac to buff FBP III in 1v1 duel. The captain skills certainly buffed FBP and I put 4 very rare purple particle gens with 9 points in particle gen in skill tree to test this out. Surprisingly against anouther tac player who's dps is doing around 2000-3000 dps per cannon bolt, I was only doing 500-1200 fbp shockingly even fully buffed. Just imagine trying to use fbp III on an engineer or science without those captain alpha powers to buff it up... This needs to be addressed because nerfing a power beyond useless to prevent tac's from abusing the captain powers to buff fbp means that 98% of engineer and science players cannot use fbp effectively. The other 2% of these players would have to be very skilled to even make fbp work 'ok' or buy p2w consoles to help boost it.

What people don't take into account that several things can mitigate and reduce the effectiveness of science powers even if they weren't nerfed to the ground. For example, FBP has 20 different counters such as subtarget auxilary system, subnuc, photonic shockwave, RSP + HE, torpedoes and so on; so nerfing it was a poor solution in the first place. This is just one of several science powers I am talking about with each power having like 20 different kinds of counters to them

Partly the reason why fbp wasn't effective in that 1v1 is due to many things such as my speed defense meant that some of cannon shots from my opponent was missing me...ALOT so fbp wasn't very effective. Also I have a suspicions that increasing your damage resistence to your shields to say 65% means that the dmg that you get from your opponents will be drastically reduced ...so im thinking that when my dmg resistance reduces my opponents dmg it means that the fbp dmg being sent back to the player is even further reduced making it the most laughing stock ability in all of sto not even accounting not only my own damage resistence but that of my opponent would make using fbp risky. My own dmg resistence being around 60% combined with my opponents being around 40-60% would mean that fbp has to go through 120% dmg resistence then do some dmg... omg

There is so many things going on in the heat of battle its easy to loose sight of the fact that there are many different things that are essentially nullifying abilities like fbp to the point that they are useless...with the multiple nerfs by cryptic which doesn't improve the situation one bit, I can honestly say I don't think I'll be playing science much these days except if I want to keep spamming subnuc on players which I don't find to be very fun

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04-02-2013, 05:17 AM
Making sci powers more effective they need to disable tac boffs boosting them. Otherwise tacs just get another boost as result.

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04-02-2013, 08:06 AM
That's what they should have done from the start

Its possible to prevent tac boffs and powers from boosting science the same way its possible for global cooldown of tac team I and engineer team I or science team I. My question is wth? Why didn't they do that in a similir manner for science powers? Its easy to implement into existing mechanics without trying to make up a system which has to calculate the damage of tacs and differentiate between tac powers and science powers

But as it is, they reduce the effectiveness of these powers to uselessness to prevent tac from buffing it up to godzilla levels. Instead, it would have been easier to introduce some science powers to be on a global cooldown to tac captain skills that would otherwise buff these science powers...heck come to think of it. it would take then less then a day to make this possible then go have some coffee

I guess they thought that it would take ten minutes to nerf FBP, tyken's rift, tachyon beam etc etc then go have coffee

Really, it would have taken them 5 minutes to introduce a much better solution which is to have some global cooldown of offensive science powers to tac captain buffs then go get their still-steaming mug of coffee if you get my drift

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04-02-2013, 08:19 AM
I totally agree with you there

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