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03-29-2013, 01:59 PM
I think this game needs harder endgame content. The Trek Universe offers so much potential. Ask a Star Trek fan that does not yet know STO about how he imagines an end-game fight in a Trek MMO would be like and he'll imagine giant Borg cubes keeping a whole fleet busy, Doomsday devices or devastating anomalies. Then you show him an EliteSTF with 5 players parking their ships in space and watching autofire for 2 minutes after activiting some buffs and you can just feel the disappointment in the room without even needing to look at their faces...

But threads like this, in the way the OP presented it and ehem, defended it, hurt the cause more than they help...

Until we get such content STO remains a fantastic (and free!) side game. More serious players should just look for second game that fills the niche for epic battles and optimized gear and rotations. I play TSW for that myself. There are enough choices for all tastes out there. Many for free by now.
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03-29-2013, 07:41 PM
It seems that the Devs aren't exactly listening to us... They're actually gonna nerf most Borg vessels' torpedo damage (not to mention they claim they finally fixed the invi-torps)...
So much for challenging content...
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03-29-2013, 10:10 PM
The thing the OP is asking for raid content similar to WoW. But that begs the question why did WoW create the raid content that they did, what value did it add to the community or the better question how did it help them make money?

Simply put the raid content kept the hardcore raider crowd interested in the game for a longer period of time. Hence the time gating. Hence the 'gear check' style encounters that forced you to farm Location A for a month to progress in Location B so you can get the key for Location C. That entire time those players are paying their $15 a month to get their 'exclusive' rewards.

And it even gave a carrot to the casuals to progress as far as they could within that system albeit at a slower pace which is why they then created alternative 'casual friendly' time gated and/or gear checked progressions like daily quests. All to ensure they got their monthly sub.

But STO is a F2P game. So what does STO do to create that carrot to drive desire and get money? Lock Boxes are the first part of the equation. Trading time for in-game money (Zen Exchange) and creating a time-gated progression system that can be bypassed is the other half.

You see Cryptic doesn't really care if you sub, or even if you log in every day really. So why on earth would they create content and spend valuable money/resources to create something only a fraction of the playerbase will use or care about if they will not generate revenue from it? They won't.

At the end of the day STO exists for the sole purpose of generating revenue. Now that's not entirely a bad thing as revenue = more content can be created to generate more revenue and so on. But it also means development will be focused upon things that generate that revenue. Creating 'elite' raid content with 'exclusive' rewards does not generate revenue. Creating 'expensive' content for 'cash' does and that is what they will continue to do along with increasing the number of players who spend cash that is not their own by keeping it desirable to trade Zen for Dilithium for those who wish to avoid the grind aspect.

Will they create content with higher difficulty for those who simply desire a challenge? Absolutely hence No Win and Hive. Will they attach exclusive rewards to that content? Absolutely not, it would devalue other rewards such as lockboxes where they make revenue.

Let me phrase this as a question. What will make more money for cryptic.
Putting an OP escort like the Bug in a lotto box for Zen
Putting an OP escort as a reward for content only the top 5% of the playerbase will ever bother to complete

And that is why what the OP wants will NEVER HAPPEN

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03-30-2013, 02:45 AM
I and a lot of the people I know actually like a more casual game.

In WoW, to get end game gear you needed to farm the same 6 hour raid.

Do you got any idea how boring that is? Boring enough to stop paying for WoW once you reached the maximum level.

This is the first MMO where I can get my gear without spending 6 hours healing a guy who is hitting sunder armor on a giant lava golem.

A friend of my said : "I can raid in WoW and watch tv. I just have to spam number key 1 for fireball."

Do we want STO to be like that? No. Reputation systems are better then chance drops.

If you want to gamble, get a lockbox.
Let us wear Swimsuits on Foundry maps or bridges please! I would pay zen for that.
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03-30-2013, 11:10 AM
OP, one type of end game has never really been developed (PvP), another story driven content (at one point refered to as Weekly episodes) apparently is too costly to release reguarly, as mentioned by other posters "elite random drops" are now random chance based purchases.

Any time any "challanging" PvE is added many casual players revolt. It happend to NWS and a change to a PvE ship which actually rotated boff powers and had an AI which responded to various basic situations. It's happened w/STFs moreso after Gozer left. This is a matter of Cryptic giving the majority of their customers what they want (all PvE content in easy mode).

So, your choices are a neglected unbalanced PvP system, chaotically organized Foundry files, once in a blue moon FEs, using shuttles or other lesser ships/gear in the "difficult" PvE content, and attempting to create your own Foundry mission of "difficult" PvE content (there's no ability to add PvP maps via Foundry and although requested since the Foundry was in its design phase, no desire to do so on Cryptic's part).

Since any Raiding content that is any challenge will be nerfed, perhaps you should ask for a better UI and search/organization capability for the Foundry. Then get a group of people to create the type of maps you'd like to play. If the capability isn't there to make the type of missions you'd like, ask for that (ie basic ai development/selection features/options for NPCs). But, I don't see PvP Foundry capabilities being available developed.
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03-31-2013, 11:00 PM
Found this relevant to the conversation and a good read.

Best part is it doesn't even speak of the real scary old school stuff. Fear raids or say lower Guk. Oh boy now someone is gonna one up me with some ancient school UO examples
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04-01-2013, 01:50 PM
In my opininion, the reputation system is better than random drops. Reason to that: me and my friend are usually playing together, I got both XII space sets and only thing what I was missing from both ground sets was maco XII shield. In the same time, he got maco X space set. This took 2 months aproximetly.

And by the way. You who started this thread. You'we got the wrong attitude to a gaming forum.

"There is coffee in that nebula." - Kathryn Janeway
My rihansu character: S'tarleya ch'Rihan Rahaen'fvil, commander of warbird Hnoiyika
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04-01-2013, 02:32 PM
I don't believe that the reason the original STF's format was changed was because of difficulty. In fact, the difficulty was actually increased across the board and timers on respawn added.

The reason why STF's were changed from their original format was due to time. Not everyone had the appetite to sit through 3 - 4 hour sessions of a single event and then get deadlocked at the end, because of reasons mentioned in this thread like players not having the skills or the equipment to meet the requirements.

The other reason, as I believe it to be, is that not everyone wanted to play ALL the STFS in a single go. Some just enjoyed the space portion, others ground.

Personally, I found STF's in the distant past very uninviting and people far too antagonizing, always yelling and screaming orders at everyone and then beaming out at the very last minute leaving the rest of the team hanging.

Do I agree that there is the need for increased reward based on merit. Absolutely. Players need to feel rewarded and special for their accomplishments.

But, sadly the business model Cryptic decided on as "equal opportunity" and with that comes regimental, compartmentalization, and "cookie-cutters". There was a time when I use to run around Qo'noS after a KHG just to catch a glimpse of that prized armor. Now everyone kid on the block has one.

Take a look at the veteran rewards? Something as special as 1000 days was sold for a trifle to everyone.

It was also my hope that the Legacy of Romulus would bring that Arch-villian to the fore, and perhaps we might get a glimpse of the new threat. We already have seen some of their ships.

There is another point mentioned in this thread that has significant cause for emphasis.

The existing classes and roles each perform no longer support an experience where each is required to do anything significant.

STFs and game play in general needs to become one where all classes play a vital and required role. So yeah, tone-up the difficulty, and allow the STF's NPC to use powers and effects that require thought and precision from all the classes, and give these classes the skills necessary to counter them. Place obstacles, enemies, etc which will require each classes skills to overcome, not just the guy with the baddest gun.

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STF missions are now zergarific and since I popped Omega T5 I havn't been back to one. Does that sound like end game content?

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Originally Posted by akurie666 View Post
STF missions are now zergarific and since I popped Omega T5 I havn't been back to one. Does that sound like end game contenet?
I think you still don't quite understand that this game is ruled by the Asian overlords at Perfect World Entertainment. I don't think you understand that they see end-game content as something you gamble through purchasable packs.

Its a very good business model that has generated quite a bit of revenue.

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