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# 1 PvE crashes
04-02-2013, 01:59 PM
Ok, not sure if a thread was made but I am to the point that I really do not care. Everytime I que up for a match its either while I am looking for one to join or I am already in one I crash.

Now before people assume I have uninstalled and made sure that no files were left on the drive that had to do with STO. Reinstalled and still happens, ran the check both steams and STO's , PLUS went an downloaded from the site and through steam no matter what this happens.

It was working fine before the last patch then it was I couldn't change clothes then that was fixed but when the servers went down for maintenance its happening all over again.

I am to the point where I do not even want to play as much as I enjoy playing this, just for reference theres a ****ty game called Face of Mankind that while the devs ****ed up the content of the game and its dead it doesnt even crash...So why is a game of this magintuded doing this...this much.

Without any long drawn out solutions someone please tell me wdh is going on with the client, and F U if you tell me to file a ticket....I never had these problems a year ago and this laptop I currently play on is hella better then my last one I used to play on.

To sum it up I am frankly tired of these problems, with the amount of money these people make their Devs should be better then this...

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