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04-02-2013, 04:25 PM
qq ing,
seriously enough of the bug being op, there are other ships that can beat the bug, its just as dk-frontiers said, numerous possibilities are reasons why one ship is better and whether support from team gives extra resists. 5 man arena are for 5 man team whether mixed on premade.

turn-rate is not op! I can make a ship with more turn than bug, temporal destroyer with 51 turn at the moment for example: aux2damp/2 copies.

knowing your ship is the best thing I can tell you and experimenting with different skills but beware extra damage may make you squishy, visa versa.

I will say though, I made my freebe patrol escourt dent a bug with blue mark 11 console gear in todays game! it was my driver coils pve toon.

if your finding your squishy look at resistances, if you want help with pvp, I'm a PVP boot camp coach I can guide you, @4monkeys is my handle.

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