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04-03-2013, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by nx420 View Post
Cryptic IS like my wife ... I come home and pay attention to her for an hour or so, eat the same stuff for dinner every night ... then come to my senses and spend the rest of the evening with my girlfriend. She has seemed oblivious to my growing disinterest, despite my constant complaints. Now she promises to add something new to the marriage (I would have liked maybe her sister getting involved; however, I digress). "What's new?" I ask. "I have a new green dress ordered", she replies. "Hmmmm", I think, "I hope this isn't just the same old routine in a new dress". Time will tell ........

So, I'll keep her around just in case things really do get interesting, besides, I have way too much time invested in her to quit now.
That is horribly funny....I approve.
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04-03-2013, 09:26 AM
I too appreciate them for their hard work and time. I mean they must have had a bunch of choices/ideas on how to LoR is going be done & which way us the players would like/dislike the out come.

An a few times, I had how LoR is going to turn out & how my character(Romuan) is going to turn out going in my head. But I got a feeling I will like LoR & end up having fun too.
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04-03-2013, 10:26 AM
I got 10 days vacation scheduled for that week.... Can't wait!! Just trying to decide if I'm going to do 1-50 and get my D'deridex in one sitting!! Sooooo tempted, might pass out though...probably. Anyway, thanks for the new bat'leth and the D'deridex screenshot...she's a beauty.

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