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never had this issue before? IF your not going to give it to me ill call the credit card company and have it taken back....

and i guess you can cancel the order im going to call visa right now.... I have heard of stories where people go weeks before they get there purchase .....i wanted ot get this done before new credit fees start in i guess ill take it back and remove the cash form the just cant get anything right in this game can you people.....
i love it, its neat when it works but its just not working right guess i should take my money elsewhere.....

considering its an automated process.....why are you putting me on a hold type process for review....
Payment Review

Applies to: PayPal

If the status of your transaction shows as "Payment Review", it means that PayPal is going over your transaction with a fine-tooth comb. Payment Reviews usually take up to 24 hours to complete.
I used visa and if this is an issue perhaps i should be calling visa?

edit note
situation resolved and ill say it thank you....and i do enjoy the game and i hope my bit helps...
and i hope everyone has a fun game....

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