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# 1 Release Notes: April 4, 2013
04-03-2013, 04:41 PM

  • The cutting beam FX will now show up for all players, regardless of graphics quality.
  • Updated the the visual appearance of the Tholian Ground Boss.
  • People beaming from the shipyard in Qo'noS back to the First City should no longer wind up at the shipyard again.
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally made some persisted FX stop showing up.
    • In other words, Borg and other torpedoes will no longer mysteriously disappear.
  • All variants of "Field Test Biogenic Weaponization..." duty officer assignments have been moved from their previous availability onto a Rare Medical availability.
    • They should now properly begin appearing on available assignment lists around the galaxy.
  • Added Liberated Borg Duty Officer Store Unlocks to description of the Omega Reputation Tier 1 and Tier 3 unlocks.
  • Updated the icon for the Starbase project "Contract for Ship Customization Officer on Starbase".


  • Updated the display names of the Federation Shuttles so they are more accurate now.
  • Updated the display name of the Mirror Universe dreadnought so it no longer thinks it's Fek'ihri.
  • Removed Klingon TOS as an option for space NPC Groups species, since there are none.
  • Removed ability to sort by FX for exterior backdrops, since doing so did nothing useful.
  • Removed type Klingon for interior backdrops, since there are none.
  • Cardassian and Dominion are now options in the Species dropdown for space NPC Groups.
  • Updated the description for the Timid Creature behavior to reflect its updated tactics.
    • This is a text change only.
  • New objects added to the Detail tab in the Foundry:
    • Rock - Gold Ore L 01
    • Fish Tank 03
    • DJ Booth
    • Trophy - Bajoran
    • Table - Poker
    • Table - Pool
    • Pool Balls
    • Pool Cue Stick 01
    • Pool Cue Stick 02
    • Gold - Lots
    • Gold - Some
    • GPL - Slip
    • GPL - Strip
    • GPL - Ingot
    • GPL - Bar
    • GPL - Brick
    • GPL - Pile
    • GPL - Table
    • Isolinear Chip - Yellow
    • Isolinear Chip - Blue
    • Isolinear Chip - Green
    • Isolinear Chip - Red
    • Isolinear Chip - Pink
    • Trophy - Q Throne
    • Trophy - Starbase
    • Trophy - DS9
    • Trophy - Ship Base
    • Trophy - Gold Miranda
    • Trophy - Gold Cruiser
    • Trophy - Gold Heavy Cruiser
    • Trophy - Gold Exploration Cruiser
    • Trophy - Gold Assault Cruiser
    • Trophy - Gold Star Cruiser
    • Trophy - Gold Escort
    • Trophy - Gold Heavy Escort
    • Trophy - Gold Tactical Escort
    • Trophy - Gold Advanced Escort
    • Trophy - Gold Fleet Escort
    • Trophy - Gold Science Vessel
    • Trophy - Gold Research Science Vessel
    • Trophy - Gold Long-Range Science Vessel
    • Trophy - Gold Deep Space Science Vessel
    • Trophy - Gold Recon Science Vessel
    • Wall Shelf
    • Table - Mess M 01
    • Table - Mess S 01
    • Mess - Bowl 01
    • Mess - Bowl 02
    • Mess - Bowl 03
    • Mess - Pot 01
    • Mess - Pot 02
    • Mess - Pot 03
    • Mess - Pot 04


  • Ships now only display the Bridge officers that are currently assigned to them.
    • The Bridge Officer Powers are now displayed in the correct order, and if a power is unavailable the slot is darkened.
  • Correcting the time and date display for guild events when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Account Guard will now sending players to their destination if they came in on a specific URL, like a bookmarked character.


  • Ground Zero: Hobus system and surface now have waypoints for various mission steps.
  • Saturday's Child:
    • The princess is now menaced by a mugato at the start of the map.
    • Removed the extraneous boulder on Aelas that was right in the middle of the escort path.
  • Friend of my Enemy:
    • Added a waypoint to the Romulan doctor on Rashana.
    • Adjusted sick civilians so they should always appear on the map.
  • Ultimate Klingon:
    • Added waypoints to various maps in H'atoria and Korvat.
    • Korvat is now called the Korvat System, not the Korval Solar System.
  • War is Good for Business:
    • Scientific Mission: The Celes nebula now has separate waypoints for the various asteroids, rather than one big waypoint over the whole map.
    • Scene of the Crime: The first step on arriving at Starbase 114 is now to take the turbolift, which has a waypoint on the map.
      • After taking the turbolift to the cargo bay, the map now has waypoints for the four cargo bays to scan.


  • Borg will now adapt more slowly to damage over time effects.
  • Powers such as Mine Dispersal Patterns and Eject Warp Plasma will now properly reroll their chance to Critical Hit for each pulse of damage they inflict.
  • Updated Tholian Thermionic Torpedoes:
    • The base duration for the Weapon and Engine Subsystem Drain has been decreased to 8 seconds.
    • Tholian Thermionic Torpedos procs no longer stack with Polaron procs.
    • The Weapon and Engine Subsystem Drain no longer increases in magnitude based on Flow Capacitors skill.
    • The Weapon and Engine Subsystem Drain now increases in duration based on Flow Capacitors skill.
  • Players who own the Tholian Recluse Carrier may now purchase Tholian Mesh Weaver Carrier pets.
    • Normal quality Mesh Weavers are available for Energy Credits.
    • Advanced Mesh Weavers are available in the Dilithium Store under the Special category for Dilithium.
    • Elite Mesh Weaver Carrier Pets are available from Fleet Starbases that have unlocked carrier pet stores.
  • Slightly improved the AI for Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Carrier Pets.
    • In addition, these pets now have a shorter global cooldown.
  • The Deflector, Engines and Shield from the Jem'Hadar Space Set are no longer Unique.
  • The Omega Force Personal Shields will no longer proc an expose on the wearer rather than the attacker.
  • Resolved some issues with expose:
    • Smoke Grenade will no longer expose the player rather than the target.
    • Battle Strategies will no longer expose the player instead of the target.
    • Overwatch will no longer expose the player instead of the target.
    • The M.A.C.O. set bonus Tactical Readiness Network will no longer expose the player with its proc instead of the attacker.
    • Reroute Power to Shields will no longer expose the player rather than enemies that were firing at the user.
  • Battle Strategies will now remove the debuffs from Suppressing Fire.
  • Updated the description of Tractor Beam.
    • This is a text change only.
  • The description for the Advanced Research Vessel's turn rate has been updated so it displays the same value everywhere it is mentioned.
    • This is a display change only.
  • Updated the Tachyon Mine Launcher:
    • Reduced Shield Debuff from 5% per Mine to 2.5% per Mine.
    • Updated tooltips to display accurate information regarding the effects of these weapons.
      • This is a display change only.
    • The Shield Drain from Tachyon Mines can now be properly resisted using Power Insulators skill.
  • Mines from Mine Barrier abilities should no longer despawn sooner than intended.
  • Romulan Space NPCs should no longer shoot themselves in the face with Plasma Torpedoes.
  • Updated Fire at Will:
    • Beam: Fire at Will is now capable of benefiting from weapon modifiers such as [Acc], [CrtH], etc.
    • The energy drain inflicted by Fire at Will activation now only happens if you are actually able to fire upon an enemy.
  • Updated the description of Power Cell devices.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Cover Shield will now properly benefit from the Generators skill.
  • Emergency Power to Weapons will now grant the appropriate amount of bonus damage.
    • This change will increase the damage bonus provided by this ability.
  • Improved the tooltip for Cover Shield to indicate that it gains increased Hit Points from the Generators skill.
    • This is a text change only.
  • The Multi-Vector Advanced Escort will no longer display inconsistent turn rate values in the Ship Store.
  • The Armitage class will no longer display inconsistent Hull rating values in the Ship Store.
  • Decreased the torpedo damage of borg Spheres, Cubes, and Transwarp Gateways in STFs.
    • Their energy damage is unaffected by this change.
    • Tactical Cubes and other STF borg are unchanged.
  • Updated description on Transphasic Torpedo Spread to reflect the proper bleedthrough amount, 40%.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Starship Sensors now also reduces the duration of the Screen Static FX overlay associated with powers like Antimatter Spread.
  • Nadion Inversion description now reads "Resistance Rating" instead of "Resistance"
    • This is a text change only.
  • Nadion Inversion is no longer cancelled if your Weapons system is brought offline.
  • Tricobalt Mines can now potentially deal damage to their owner if the owner is too near the target when they detonate.
  • Improved movement behavior for many Space NPCs.
    • They should be less likely to fly directly next to your ship, and should generally be more interesting to engage with in space combat.
  • The Scimitar's behavior has been extensively reworked to create a more dangerous and unpredictable encounter.
    • This also resolved an issue that caused it to not re-cloak for extended periods of time.
  • Dampening Field now reduces Environmental Damage, such as Cold, Fire, and Radiation, in addition to Energy Damage.
  • Weapons Malfunction no longer eliminates the Damage Immunity portion of the Stasis Pistol's secondary attack.
  • Updated the Tholian EV-Suit Captain:
    • The damage and damage variance on his "Violent Discharge" ability have been reduced.
      • It is now less prone to one-hit kills against you and your Bridge Officers.
    • NOTE: You can potentially prevent him using this ability by switching to Melee weapons when he goes into Absorption Mode.
      • Watch for his helmet stalks to animate!
  • Updated Bridge Officers with Subterfuge:
    • Resolved an issue where having multiple Bridge Officers with Subterfuge, Basic Subterfuge, or Superior Subterfuge was stacking improperly.
    • Using a Bridge Officer with Subterfuge on a ship using Enhanced Battle Cloak will no longer result in the ship no longer decloaking while it fires.
    • Resolved an issue in the description of the Bridge Officer Subterfuge traits that was causing them to display an inaccurate tooltip in stores.
  • The Cooldown on Photonic Shockwave Torpedo can no longer be reduced using Photonic Studies duty officer abilities.
  • Clarified the error message when attempting to purchase Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Carrier pets without owning both the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship and the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier.
    • This is a text change only.


  • Added the following new keybinds:
    • Roll Need on Loot: Defaults to Crtl+Q
    • Roll Greed on Loot: Defaults to Ctrl+A
    • Pass on Loot: Defaults to Ctrl+Z
    • These keybinds will also be displayed on the Need or Greed loot window near their respective buttons.
  • Updated the Fleet Recruiting Message UI to display its character limit.
    • The character limit has been unchanged and is still 500.
    • This is only a change to add an error message if the limit is exceeded.
  • Updated the Lobi Store:
    • Separated the inventory of the Lobi Store into multiple categories.
    • The actual inventory has not been altered, nor any prices changed.

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