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OMG, I love this thing!!!!

Even with an Engineer Officer, it's absolutely devestating, I'm putting out more DPS than any BoP I've ever used.

And even better, in PVP, it's even more devestating!

Got a couple of buds together, we all went out with our Guramba's.

3 in siege mode at all times, 2 not in siege mode (for mobility and firepower/leap frogging). 2 not in siege mode would gather attention/whittle dumb players to the 3 in siege mode, (also decrease their shields) 2 in siege mode would fire their javelin, bye bye Oddessy Cruiser. Then the two who were previously out of siege mode, go into siege mode to replace the previous two.

Then, we backed ourselves up into a corner/firing line (cheveron formation), got into siege mode, all 5 of us, took the 3 escorts and 2 cruisers head on as they charged us, next thing you know, first escort goes KABOOM! then the second and third, with both cruisers crippled, and all of us out of siege mode, we quickly made our way to the rears of the cruisers, and opened up with our rapid fires.

As an attack group, the Guramba is by far the most OP Escort in this game. And God is it fun as heck!!!

And it looks wicked with the Borg Space Set on it. Fastest PVP match I've ever participated in, well over almost 2 years playing this game.

And the only downside I can ever see to the Guramba, is if you don't like Disruptor Weapons, you'll hate the Guramba, using 2 fleet heavy dual cannons (dmg x2 Acc) and a quad dsiruptor with breen transphasic torp, by itself, it maneuvers on par with escorts, and just as deadly as an escort. But the real kicker, is when you have an opportuinity to go into siege mode, you increase your power to weapons by +10 more. In total bringing a +25 power to weapons.

And when targets/timing arises, you have a Javelin beam to do massive damage. which, BTW, stacks with Beam Overload, if you do Beam overload, and wait the additional 15 seconds, when you fire your Javelin, you almost double the damage you deal.

So far the highest I've seen so far with one hit, and being a severe critical, is 53k damage. And it was my bud who's a Tac Officer who pulled it off.

But an awesome thing about it, is that most Fed Escort players don't know to avoid attacking a Guramba head on when in siege mode. Resulting in the Escort to die via high alpha when he's not realizing the tips glowing, and beams going into the deflector dish coming at him.

The amount of rage, and whining and crying that ensues is enough to make you almost cry laughing.

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