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04-04-2013, 03:36 AM
It would be nice if I could choose a smaller version of the NPC chat window. I like the Holodeck size where it lets me know but it does not block my entire view of the screen. It pops up enough on ground missions at random times enough as is. The new one will not just keep me from using any of my abilities till I tell the idiot to shutup but it will also block my view of whats killing me.

I normally play The Big Dig a fair amount and that fool has gotten me killed at least a dozen times with his constant yammering on about things I'm in the middle of doing, or objectives I've already completed. I can only imagine how much I'll want to hit his knee with a disruptor if he also gets to block my entire view while hes doing it. Can't easily close that window either, have to find the mouse and click cancel.

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