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04-04-2013, 11:34 AM
I don't see any reasons for significant changes, after all this will still be a two faction game. Maybe add something like "Romulan Shipyard" to discuss warbird builds and "Romulan gameplay" to discuss romulan missions for levels 1-40. I'm not even convinced that we need a romulan fleet recruitment forum that we now have.
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04-04-2013, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by warpedcore View Post
Brandon , this is an excellent opportunity to include the role play forums which were discussed at the round table.
It's tentatively planned as a sub-forum of Ten Forward, but I'm hesitant to introduce it until we have the "report post" feature is back.


Brandon =/\=
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04-04-2013, 11:43 AM
I recommend using a service like, it is a great tool for determining what the actual community concerns are and not just the same 10 people making 100 posts each

but if sticking with the forums as they are:

Information and Discussion (generally fine)
-Dev Tracker (fix it so I can actually navigate past the first page, this is the most important feature in the forums)
-[all of the other current sections are fine]

Feedback (its too huge and going to grow bigger as it is, reserve this section for on feedback directed to Cryptic)

Make a community discussion section, place fleet recruiting, build discussions, foundry mission reviews

builds should still be separated by faction because of all the faction specific stuff (even romulans)

otherwise the organization is pretty fine
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04-04-2013, 11:43 AM
I'll just go with the flow.

But perhaps consider adding some form of market section, and open up more sections to allow images?

Just now I had that feeling that I had something really important to add here ...and well..
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04-04-2013, 11:45 AM
I would like to suggest different forum themes. Like currently we have the federation motif. Would be nice to see a Klingon and Romulan as well. Just for something different.
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04-04-2013, 11:46 AM
I think the academy should be reworked, there are too many sticky posts and it's not obvious for people to post there when they have a question about the game. Questions are often posted in "sto discussions". The shipyard subforums could go there, in an academy section. The current academy could be renamed "Star trek online help" or something like that.

One "discussion/rp" subforum per faction would also be appreciated. I often see people doing RP on the "klingon gameplay" forums, and honestly it's a bit annoying. Some place where players could discuss random stuff about their faction could alleviate the pain of reading RP in many threads. Like 3 faction specific "ten forward".

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
It's tentatively planned as a sub-forum of Ten Forward, but I'm hesitant to introduce it until we have the "report post" feature is back.
Why? There are already many RP posts. A report button won't change anything, and you can always lock a subforum if people go too far. And i'm quite sure it won't happen. I don't get why you're hesitant.

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04-04-2013, 11:53 AM
If I had to design the forums, I'd probably keep it much the same, but adjust it like this:

News Network (I agree it needs a rename.)
Release Notes
Dev Tracker
The Academy
Star Trek Online Discussion (General Community Feedback should be rolled into here. Look at all the posts in GCF. I'll wait. Notice anything? Everyone is discussing STO. Where are they not discussing STO? Star Trek Online Discussion.)
Ten Forward

Federation Gameplay
Klingon Gameplay
Romulan Gameplay
Shipyards/Fleetyards (Consoles aren't faction specific any longer, except for a few examples, and Romulans will be able to fly allied ships. So why not consolidate?)
Captain and Bridge Officer Builds and Powers (Consolidate!)
Duty Officer System (Too different, I think, to roll into the Captain and BOff forum.)
PvE Gameplay
PvP Gameplay (Where else would we cry for nerfs? )
Missions and Episodes (I almost cut this forum because it's been pretty dead lately, but then I remembered how active it got when Temporal Ambassador and the 2800 debuted. Plus, we need a place to discuss non-faction specific missions.)
Controls and User Interface
The Art of Star Trek Online
C-Store and Promotions

And I'd keep the Foundry, Support, Fleet Administrative Station, and Test Servers the same.

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# 18 Almost a perfect world as is
04-04-2013, 11:56 AM
Honestly? I think things really are set up almost 100% perfect as they are right now.

As has been suggested already, adding a Romulan Shipyard and Romulan Content section to match the other 2 factions. I'm sure some wag will suggest putting all "content" under one section as it will be shared or "cut'n'pasted" but I think there's enough difference to warrant the separate sections.

I wouldn't combine General Community Feedback and Star Trek Online Discussion into one as the former seems to be a section which is more for forumites to question forumites and the latter is where forumites can question devs.

...Oh and I would second renaming Federation News Network to Galactic News Network except my mind goes to a galaxy far, far away when I read it for some reason

What I would suggest is making it a no posting allowed section, like release notes, moving discussions about maintenance, news and events to the more appropriate forum. I have trouble having to read through pages of moaning before finding an update from you telling us maintenance is extended when what I would want is a post from you RIGHT after the initial post.
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04-04-2013, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

With Legacy of Romulus due out next month, and the introduction of a third faction, the time has come to start thinking about a forum reorganization. As you are the community and utilize the forums, I'd love to get your input and suggestions. Ultimately, I'll also need to make sure that the organizations make sense for the Dev team as they are reading the forums for feedback constantly, but I'd really like to involve you all in the process.

So, let's get started! Feel free to make descriptive suggestions or post something like this:

STO Forums
.Information and Discussion
..Federation News Network
..Release Notes
..Dev Tracker

etc, etc, etc.

Feel free to use the index as your guide:

Here's a few questions we should also think about:

Should the shipyards sub-forum (builds, feedback, not art, etc.) still be separated by faction?
Are there any forums that you think should be combined?
Is STO discussion and General Community Feedback too similar or should we keep them separated?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions

Once we all come to, or at least try to, a consensus, the changes will be made. The goal for this is a week or two before the expansion launches. NOTE: These changes will not include the future update mentioned here, nor will anything else be changing at this time, other than what forums we have and the organization of them.


Brandon =/\=
My only thought on Forums Structure: We NEED a general game/system mechanics forums. It feels weird that the most talk about how the game works is in the PvP forums (and it feels intimidating for those of us who don't PvP to post in there). This sub-forum would be the best place to discuss current features, balance, and suggestion for future features/mechanics.
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04-04-2013, 12:02 PM
I wrote up this suggestion last year shortly after the forums were merged/changed, 06-21-2012.

'Star Trek Online Discussion' & 'General Community Feedback' have the same type of threads, topics and discussions, relating to either the Developers, fansites, the forum changes, STO current and future developments and various gameplay ideas which doesn't fit in the other sub-forums.

They are the first obvious candidates for consolidation. It makes it easier for players to keep the focus on topics, which aren't directly related to the other sub sections, and it keeps clone topics and repeat posts down.

A name for the consolidated sub-forums could be 'Community Feedback & Discussions',
- "For feedback and discussions on topics not covered by another sub-forum".

Next up we have

The different Shipyards, even more so with the introduction of a third one, is a prime candidate for consolidation.
'Federation Shipyards' & 'Klingon Fleetyards', merge under sub-forum 'The Shipyard'. - "Where Captains meet to discuss their ships' layouts, equipment and performance".

Then we have

'Character Builds and Powers' & 'Bridge Officers and BOff Powers', merge under sub-forum 'Captains & Bridge Officers'. - "Discussion and feedback about player classes and Bridge Officers".

Abolish the sections and move the threads from 'Federation Gameplay', 'Klingon Gameplay' and 'PvE Gameplay'.
The topics in these three sub-forums are already covered by more appropriate sub-forums, such as

'Missions & Episodes'
-Discussion for all episodic content, STF, event missions.

'The Shipyard', 'Captain's & Bridge Officers', 'Community Feedback & Discussions' as outline above.

The Index would thus look like the following

Federation News Network
Release Notes
Dev Tracker
The Academy
Ten Forward

Discussion & Feedback
Community Feedback & Discussions
The Shipyard
Captains & Bridge Officers
Duty Officers/Starbases/Reputations
Missions and Events (All things PvE gameplay)

On the topic of the 'The Academy', it has far too many stickies. 1 Master Index Sticky with a list of all the available threads of information, categorized and organized, would be far more beneficial.
Other sub sections of the forum have outdated stickies as well, or simply a multitude of different stickies taking up valuable screen estate on the first page of the forum.

Someone would have to maintain that list (Branflakes and mods), but I wrote one up which was current back 9 months ago, and makes a good foundation IMHO. You can find it here.

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