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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Honestly, I couldn't be more excited. I've played some of the content (saving as much as I can for the actual launch) and have had some of the most fun gaming I've ever had in my life. The team has done an incredible job with the Romulan Republic faction and I can not wait till you all get to roll your first Romulan. Prepare for your minds to be blown.


Brandon =/\=
If you think anyone is naive enough to take anything you said here seriously you need to re-evaluate what you say to people. Statements like 'some of the most fun gaming i've ever had in my life...' and 'prepare for your minds to be blown' reek of propaganda and spinning. We know what shape this game is in. The next update isn't going to be blowing anyones minds and we all know that. This is why people don't believe claims from members of cryptic anymore. Because of absurd claims. Just like this one

I think you should change "we" in the above quote you "you". It's an OPTION - if YOU (as a Romulan character) don't want to fly a Fed/KDF ship YOU don't have to. Don't go imposing your view on everyone else.
Then take your own advice, you speak for nobody but yourself too. an option doesn't mean its a good option or that it should exist

Since when is having the devs give people MORE options a bad thing?
just because its an option doesn't mean its a good one.

But you know what? The romulan stuff doesn't concern me nearly as much as one other detail that seems to have been overlooked in this interview. What is that you ask? The fact that this interview involves a person who not very long ago was in hot water over making mass insults, in public, against most of the community in her massively blog, the same incident that got a certain dev in trouble for making statements that agreed with it and insulted many customers. Something he got a talking to for. The fact that it happened at all says alot about what cryptic really thinks of their customers. The fact that they now give this information out to such a person, at the same place that person committed said incident, speaks volumes about how they actually feel about that situation and about us. Frankly its more than offensive. I can't imagine any situation in which a company that respects its customers would ever be doing such interviews, nor associating directly in such a way, with a person who did such a thing, especially when a dev was involved the last time.

Such behavior is unacceptable, and so is doing anything to support, in any way, people who behave in that way. that is common sense. That says far too much about what cryptic really thinks of us

Loudly complaining on a gaming forum does not a majority make, pus its kind of canon any way.
Criticism of a bad thing is not 'complaining' accusing people of that is nothing more than an attempt to belittle them and shut them up. It is ignorant and offensive. That aside it IS the majority and no it isn't canon 'in a way'

It's not "spin." It's the story STO chose to write...
No, its spin

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Originally Posted by walshicus View Post
Sorry Dan, we don't *want* the "advantage" of being able to fly Fed ships as Romulans. If we wanted that we'd play our Fed captains. Please, please please please get rid of this "feature" before it's too late and the faction is ruined for good.
After Dastahl had explained the process in-depth, I am now looking forward to this upgrade. I hope I can use my Armitage as a Romulan. It was a great purchase. I love the ship to death.

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Originally Posted by cuzecoze View Post
I wholly agree. The spin isn't fooling anyone.
It's not "spin." It's the story STO chose to write... It's the story you're going to play if you keep playing the game. He isn't fooling anyone, he IS telling everyone how it is. STO writes the story and you decide whether to play said story. They aren't trying to please everyone and it's not possible anyways. What they are doing is giving you a choice on what to fly or not to fly and what to play or not to play. Everything he said is the truth and he gave you his rationale for it. You don't have to agree with his rationale but they are the ones writing the content and so they are the only ones who know why. If you don't like it don't play it. It doesn't get any simpler than that.
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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
How many times did they do stuff to poor Geordi?
You know the funny thing about that episode is that during one of the brain washing sessions they had Laforge kill O'brien who later went on to be DS9's resident butt monkey that they did horrible crap to.
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Also, interesting that these questions come from Terilynn Shill shortly after she makes a news item on the Massively site claiming her subjective numbers suggest anyone unhappy with the Romulan news is just a troll.

I do hope Cryptic isn't playing favourites with the journalists.
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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Yes; there are Romulan Warbirds available at every tier. More information about these ships will be posted in a Dev Blog in the very near future.


Brandon =/\=
Would be cool for like doff crafting if you could take a kar'fi cloak and maybe a romulan phase cloak prototype and doff craft those together for something cool to use (Could help KDF if they had a lot of perks of Romulan toons joining the KDF like that.)
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LoR still sounds like good stuff to me.

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Originally Posted by tachyonharmonic View Post
Also, interesting that these questions come from Terilynn Shill shortly after she makes a news item on the Massively site claiming her subjective numbers suggest anyone unhappy with the Romulan news is just a troll.

I do hope Cryptic isn't playing favourites with the journalists.
actually her article reported that we have really loud people who seem to be the majority but are not.

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so the newly formed romulan republic is at odds with empress sela that the known leader of the rse. all be it she's mia. sounds like an internal affair, civil war it even could be. either way that is not a situation the federation would get involved with. as they don't get involved with governments internal affairs. they wouldn't arm any one outside the ufp. they might protect them, aid them but not arm them.

your comparison with bajor in ds9 is bad. very bad. because they are totally different. the bajoran resistance cells was labelled as terrorists by the cardassians because they was fighting against the carddassian occupation (outside force) which turned the bajorans into slaves in the labour camps, ore processing. it's not even close in any way to being compared to the romulans and remans situation.

other than kira when did you see anyone in command of anything regarding a federation star ship? even worf could pull rank on the defiant. worf made that point in 1 episode that. apocalypse rising.......

KIRA: I'm glad the two of you are in agreement. But with the Captain gone, I am in charge of the station and I say we stay.
WORF: You may be in charge of the station, Major, but I command the Defiant.

she may have been in command of the defiant some times but it rarely happened. also when she hailed some one it was ... this is major kira nerys of the FEDERATION starship, defiant. it was never of the bajoran milita. so this 1 off arrangement is the example given for why the federation will give fleets of Starfleet vessels to romulans?? don't make me laugh. it's bad. lol it's actually the worse thing in the entire expansion this cross faction ship usage.

also d'tan is longing for reunification... while dividing his own people more? that's pretty weird. you can see why the tal shair have been watching him lol

glad to hear romulans/remans get their own doffs and some of their own doff mission.

the new kdf content although some maybe be reworked fed missions. the new unique stuff dose sound very promising.

btw looking forward to trait and the new ui. so far from what I've seen even in the early stages it was looking promising

while I have been pretty negative with comments regarding many things about being aligned and story around that, no 3 way pvp, lack of starbases. I do try to be constructive with my criticism rather than just rage posting. it's not personal.

no 1 can deny that the team is working hard. I think the recent picture of the wardbird art work just shows the quality of some of the work being added. it was simply amazing.

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We better rename the factions to




and give everyone the opportunity to use everything!
This is Crypticverse...

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