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04-04-2013, 03:04 PM
So how much of this new Romulan content will be locked into the new rep system ? I'm still disappointed about all that new content locked into the new romulus season that I can't play because I chose not to pay into the rep system.

Lemme guess, you'll explain in an upcoming blog ?
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04-04-2013, 03:06 PM
How can one get into closed beta ?
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# 243 Dev Blog #2 Discussion
04-04-2013, 03:08 PM
The last one of these topics I made generated some itneresting discussion, so here's another, focusing on the second Dev log:

*Romulan Republic will have ships unique to their faction, and will be able to buy Federation ships. The earlier comment about Romulan Lockboxes that would give FED/KDF players access to Romulan ships was not addressed. Seems to leave the door open for Romulan cross-faction Lockbox ships.

* The D?Deridex is unlocked from starbases. Seems to indicate that some ships may be starbase/fleet exclusive.

* Romulans may have unique Duty Officer Assignments, but the interview danced around the subject of if Romulans would utilize FED/KDF or unique Romulan duty officer pools-only mentioned that they could get Romulans and Remans from Packs.

* Remans are unlocked automatically, no need for a Reputation project. Devs are sticking to their guns about not letting FTP use alien-gen, citing Romulan Xenophobia.

* Still no mention of the RSE, only the Tal Shiar and 'Romulan Military'. Seems like Cryptic is equating the Tal Shiar with the RSE.

* Fighting not only for independence, but to overthrow Sela. Will later strike a huge blow agaisnt the Tal'Shair and get access to top-of the-line equipment. It would seem that they probably succeed in their goal if this is the case, and overthrow Sela (since they are now calling her the head of the Tal'Shiar) Could this mean Scimitars? Do we Kill Sela?

* Not taking orders from allies, but we will be expected to kill FED/KDF on their behalf.

* Romulan Republic is being compared to Bajorans. Ugh.

* "If you purchased a starship for the Federation, you could not unlock it for your Klingon captains because it was a different faction." Romulans are an exception, apparently.

* We won't be getting orders to help the Azura, etc. Except that the Romulans have cross-faction access to episodes with their allies. a bit of a contradiction there.

Some further thoguhts:

Well Cryptic is going full out making the Romulans the 'everyman'. They are now apparently inspired by Bajorans. I am very dissappointed that they have decided to go this route, starching the Romulans of their uniqueness in order to make Bajoran knockoffs. I honestly never found the Bajorans half as interestign as the Romulans.

"One of our primary goals with Legacy of Romulus is to attract players that have either never played Star Trek Online or that only played at launch."

Would seem to indicate that this is indeed a move to give the faction more mass appeal.

Also of note is the implication that the Romulan Republic will indeed overthrow the RSE, probably taking care of Sela as well. This could very well close the door on any hopes of a proper RSE faction in the future, for whomever was still holding out hope.

A lot of evasive answers in this interview, and statements that seem to contradict each other. (like the statements of faction ships)

Some Romulan Ships will apparently be unlocked by the Fleet Tiers, not just by leveling up.

Hybrids will be locked behind a paywall so FTP cannot get them, despite the fact that Romulans only have two species to work with, and the fact that they will almost definately be adding a Liberated Borg as well. Their reasoning is that this is due to 'xenophobia' which is hilarious considering that Sela herself is a Hybrid, and that the only non-romulan species available to RR players is Remans. Hybrids are more oppressed than Remans? Really?

I must say, not a whole lot cleared up here by this interview, a lot of smokescreen answers and contradictory statements (PR phrasing at its finest). What new stuff we ave learned isn't all exactly thrilling though. I imagine the Romulan ships being unlocked by Fleet tier will be annoying to some, Cryptic has not budged on the Hybrid issue, and the RR is apparently based off of the Bajorans of all people.
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04-04-2013, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
I can't see how I will feel like a Romulan when my endgame content includes missions like this:

"Enemy forces attack a Federation colony! Starfleet arrives to rescue the colonists, while the Klingon Empire hopes to capture valuable prisoners and information!"

I guess I can then help defend Starbase 24.

Honestly, I'd rather just scan rocks on New Romulus.
There is an option for folks wanting to play RSE... the foundry authors can create an alternate timeline where there are a series of missions where you play a Tal Shiar operative working for Sela.... I'll leave the story up to you all.
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04-04-2013, 03:09 PM
this reads more like an ask cryptic and not a dev blog
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04-04-2013, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
That is why i'm in the thread listening instead of finishing the Klingon mission I should be working on, because I am listening to the viewpoints and we do discuss the feedback. Sometimes there isn't much we can do, but in some cases we do consider what we could alter.
I certainly hope you guys consider not allowing cross faction ships of any sort. It's great Feds and Klinks can't use Romulan ships, but it should be vice versa as well.
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# 247
04-04-2013, 03:11 PM
I understand that LoR has more or less everything in place Dan. But from my point of view I would have felt it more beneficial to allow the creation of Romulan Fleets and when a player creates their Romulan Fleet they choose to ally that fleet with either a KDF or FED fleet in order to further strengthen relations with the side of their choosing. Thus allowing technology sharing and being able to contribute to each others projects and helping the Romulan Fleet build their first base / HQ.

My only concern as well is it's starting to feel less Trek with hundreds of people flying other faction ships. Romulans flying FED ships would just depart so much from cannon in my opinion.

One thing I'd like to see is sub-factions. There are lots of races in the federation and kdf, it would be nice to think I can start off as an Andorian on Andoria with the choice of joining Starlfeet or the Andorian military etc and have had that as my only way to access Andorian ships. I love this game and I understand things take time, however some decisions really just make little to no sense sometimes.

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04-04-2013, 03:12 PM
Gotta say, I'm glad the Reman unlock counts for any character at T5. Remans strike me as far more interesting and I really hoped to make one my first.

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04-04-2013, 03:12 PM
Here's a good question:

How will the Romulan players deal with the Romulan Reputation? Presumably if we're one of D'Tans kinsmen, we wouldn't need to prove our loyalty the same way the Fed/KDF do.
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04-04-2013, 03:12 PM

I'm excited about LoR, but I'm concerned about how the alliance setup will impact Romulan and KDF gameplay.

I'm concerned with Romulans being prevented from doing certain activities with other romulans based on a level 10 choice, this means if you are asking for a group in Zone chat you can't ask for Romulans, you have to ask for your ally. This makes it feel like less of a faction, and it can also prevent friends from playing together based on a level 10 decision. with your statements about hoping to draw a lot of new players into STO with LoR I can see that restriction coming back to bite you. Even if you put warnings in place people are going to wind up regretting the choice they made and want a way to fix it.

Allowing access to fly allies ships also makes it feel less like a faction, on top of those grouping issues, and will be an encouragement for new players to all ally fed side since they will have more people to play with, more fleets to join, more ships to potentially acquire, making it even harder on KDF players.

It also deincentivizes players from making actual Fed or KDF characters since an allied Romulan is a Super Fed/KDF character.

Let us get use ship consoles and share gear, but don't put up barriers for all Romulan play, and don't further discourage players from joining KDF.

Looking forward to seeing the content on Tribble soon.

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