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04-04-2013, 10:55 AM
great, (sigh) a couple klingon bop alpha's whinging about how 'op' epts 30 sec is...don't make me laugh -.-
30 seconds to give 24-30% dmg resist is not "OP" enough to resist 120k burst dps in 1 second from a kdf bop alpha....

and your idea of overcoming the gdf 50% gray out to keep your bop dmg on par before season 8 is very noble, but having eptw that gives dmg buff almost on par with gdf ...I see what you guys are trying to do here ^^

So this is your way around avoiding the gdf gray out at 50% is to implement eptw and not only that but also make it comletely OP by making last 30 seconds....and nerf epts from 30 seconds to laughable levels?

This isn't cool. I respect different playstyles but im starting to draw the line at this... You want to nerf a working as intended ability like epts on top of using photonic shockwave to disable trays for 3-4 seconds even though I would have 9 skill points in inertial dampeners and even though I can't hear you buff 6km out let alone even hear you buff since I'm deaf.
...Even though there is no hard counter to photonic shockwave because you'd have to anticpate when your oponent would attack to activate omega pattern or aux to damps.
...even though I can't see through a cloak even with full 9 skills to sensors in skill tree and 125 aux power even up to 1km away....
even though most humans reaction time to respond to bop alpha killer to pop a buff is about 1.2 seconds ....a bop alpha killer can kill less than a second....
...even though tac team doesn't work fast enough to distribute shields against beam overload due to the fact that sto game's engine is old and outdated (cannot calculate fast enough to distro shields)
.................................................. .................................................. .........................

Need I say more?

You bop alphas are taking too much pleasure killing defenceless players who cannot fight back while using 100 different kinds of cowardly moves described above to complete your bop attack run inside 1 second.

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04-04-2013, 12:38 PM
shield resistance is insane now, we are to the point that EPtS no longer needs to be giving a 30 second res boost. ether nerf that, or buff EPtW so its damage buff lasts 30 seconds
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04-04-2013, 01:02 PM
YOU must be drunk
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04-04-2013, 03:36 PM
Yes its must be about replacing GDFing lol

Ya know we can't win when we talk about this game.

We try to create options that don't involve hey go nerf this skill. (lets be honest EPTS doesn't work like the others for some reason)

For that people get upset.

The dmg boost from eptw is no where even remotely close to the boost from the current go down... and even in combo with the new version it still won't be remotely close.

The 5s it does now is all the BOPs need to do what we do know... I don't care about seconds 6-30. You'll be dead already. lol

The request for a buff to EPTW has to do with YOU... so you can buff your weapons and perhaps kill a bop when they are trying to escape after you foil us with a tac team. Instead of just wave at us as we recloak 3k off your bow.

Oh and BTW... I am not hearing impaired however, I would rather be listening to hard metal music while I'm hunting whales, so where even there.

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