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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
It's not that simple. The way I understand the changes to the way teaming works, FEDs will be able to team with KDF players and go help kill Molor. Yeah... That cross-faction thing you're ranting about isn't unique to collaboration between Romulans and their allies. It's a new game feature seperate from that.
They're not making any changes to how teaming works (none that have been stated yet anyway) - remember, Dan considers Romulans a faction so what he's talking about is KDF-allied Roms inviting KDF to their missions.

Likewise, Fed-allied Roms can invite Feds to theirs.

But Fed-Roms can't invite KDF (or even KDF Roms) to their team until/if the teaming mechanic changes.
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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
No its not ...

No, they dont.

Their missions are common, Fed and KDF players have access to "RR" missions, the only diference is you need someone to share the mission with you.

Share, not play it ... its just having someone share, leave group and its on your log.

Duty Officer system is either Fed or KDF, that is what you pick (and I suppose this extends to rewards, that means Enemy Faction BO and in Fed case, the Ambassador outfit unlock), they dont have their own.

Ships ... they have their own AND their "allied" ships, that means the Excelsior, Defiant, Vor'cha, etc ... the only LIMIT is their faction, sorry "alliance".

And how you unring the bell that is faction specific uniforms? Or Zen Shop ships?

You people fail to understand the problem.

This is the problem, they screwed up with the Fleet system and its very much loathed by players and people are fed up on a YEARLY grind but they dont want to fix the problem.

Cryptic doesnt fix problems, they create new ones ... things that dont work are just abandoned until they come up with a new system and then they put it in there (example: The Vault Fleet Action) and perhaps it works, perhaps it doesnt ... as my name says I come at F2P but before that they had many currencies, when Dilithium that was totally not a attempt to be gold sellers themselves *wink*, really! *wink*wink* come about it was to "simplify the currencies", there was EC, Latinum and Dilithium at F2P launch ... now we have to add Fleet Credits, Fleet Marks, Omega Marks and Romulan Marks, in May we are getting Tholian Marks.

Hoe many emblems and marks were there before? sure the system MIGHT not have worked because they never FIXED the problem but we are heading there now in terms of number of currencies.

Now were this affects the Romulan Non-faction?

Because they are setting it in a way its not a faction and they cannot unrig that bell later, it gives too much away, you get to keep your Defiants, Vestas and what else you have on your Zen Store with the only LIMIT being FACTION and that is KDF/Fed FACTION.

This is were its WRONG.
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Originally Posted by macronius View Post
This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.
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this is great yet kdf and feds can only use there own ships same should go for roms unless its for a specific mission... sharing tech is one thing like weapons or cloaks but ships should never be shared even if only the romulans can use them .. on the other hand i see no prob for romulans to share shuttles that alone is different but starships should be off limits ..
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Originally Posted by ceryndrion View Post
Not impressed really..
Heh, I was serious. I now realize I may be a brain dead as well.

Sorry, wrong quote.

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