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04-04-2013, 05:41 PM
I agreee with alot of what I am seeing here. The Academy needs to be better defined so that will be the FIRST place people go with silly entry level questions. And the Stickies need to be consolidated and cleaned up. Some of them are so outdated Cochrane might have penned them.

I would like to see a new system altogether for the fleet recruitment subforum. No one goes there. New Players don't know it exist. There is no way to filter through tom to find the fleet you want. The entire forum is just a bunch of fleet recruiters shouting over top of each other into an empty canyon. That and Players usually get recruited into either a friends fleet or the first fleet that tackles them on ESD. This runs into the same problem with having a Fleet Recruitment channel in game. No one will go there, and New players will not know it exist. While I would like to have some sort of off-game fleet registry, the current system is messy and flawed.

Not sure how to fix this, nor the technology limitations we have. But a system where you can submit an ad... and then have it broadcasted to the rest of the forums. Subtly and infrequently. Just enough so that new players that stumble around in the forums can see "OH, there is a fleet. it sounds fun. let me click for more information!"

Or something...

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