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Tales of JFC: "Down to Business"

by Mike Tripp

JFC-MD: 1.1230
Scene: A Restaurant on New Romulus

<<last time>>

Jarmon laughed again. "Ask his Ferasan first officer aboard the I.K.S. Qu'In 'an bortaS to send yee the holo-recordings of his ... shall we say ... performance."

One of the Romulan's eyebrows arched skyward. "Performance? ... Was he singing on tables again?"

"Let us say that it was a rather interesting rendition of Shakespeare," Jarmon said with a grin.

Hauk coughed, worked to quickly change the subject.

"Shall we get down to business?" he asked Aelis.

<<and now>>

"We shall," answered Aelis.

She cupped her fingers around her mug.

"So, you propose that the Romulan Republic participate in this Alliance of yours?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

But it was a place to begin and all things needed a beginning.

"Its an alternative," Hauk said simply.

"An alternative?" responded the Romulan admiral. "An alternative to what?"

"An alternative to being recruited by the forces of either the Federation or Klingons and then fighting at their side as they fight one another," Hauk answered.

"Another alternative might be to sit out their war, not take sides in their conflict and simply keep our attention focused on stabilizing the Romulan Republic," Aelis countered.

"You're problem with that lass is that there are already signs that Romulan captains are already planning to split loyalties and flock to either of those two banners ... and help them fight their petty war," noted Jarmon.

The Scotsman punctuated the last of his statement by raising his mug as if in toast to the truth of his words.

"Fools ... and I mean all those who actively participate in this honorless war between the Federation and Klingons," scoffed Hauk. "The time is now to stand against the common threats or risk being crushed beneath the boot heels of enemies."

The Romulan admiral crossed her arms, eyes Hauk.

"And so what are you proposing, General?" she asked. "Tell me exactly how I or others from the Romulan republic factor into this alliance of yours? ... Or will we simply trade one boot heel for another?"

<<to be continued>>


--- Gen. Hauk
Joint Forces Commander
Alliance Central Command

--- Adm. Aelis S'tariennye lh'Rheu
Flag Officer, Romulan Republic Navy


Now we're getting to the real purpose of this meeting!

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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