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# 11
04-04-2013, 03:55 PM
pretty sure it's working as intended
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# 12
04-04-2013, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by rsrobinson View Post
The drain is now insane. My cruiser builds with good power management usually see power almost always in the green, sometimes barely dropping below 100. Today, power drops nearly to the bottom of the bar.

If I had to make a guess, your so-called 'fix' now causes the beam to drain on every shot that goes off. In other words, it fires at two targets, it is draining power twice.

As it stands, the ability is unusable.
I did some testing. In a target rich environment, such as The Other Side, there is a massive drain. In ISE, where there are less targets, the drain is what it was previously. It does seem to support drain per target.

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
I have been playing with it on my beam boats and I suspect its working as intended. With the fix in place, we are making true shots on each target (we're getting damage bonuses and [Acc] bonuses on each target now), but we are also paying for the true shots with energy per shot as expected.

It didnt take much effort to adapt, just tweak the way you manage your firing sphere
True shot or missed shot, the drain should be acting the same. You don't get to keep power simply because you missed.

Originally Posted by antrenos View Post
Previously, Fire-at-Will drained very little (if any) power. If you hit Beam Overload, it drains a massive chunk of power, for a single (albeit more powerful) beam. Why shouldn't firing multiple beams in rapid succession, drain power?
Fire at Will already drained a good amount of weapon power; it now seems to be in overtime with the drain. Again, this is in a target rich environment.

The point is, it wasn't causing Fire at Will to bottom out your weapon power to 20 prior to the patch. It appears that rsrobinson, is correct. Fire at Will is applying the drain per target and not per application.

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# 13
04-04-2013, 05:09 PM
There is no way its working as intended.
If you BFaW right now without an EPtW you drop to 0 weapons power
With EPtW to overcapped in the 30s
with EPtW and EPS in the 40s
Even Nadeon inversion is in the 90s.. its nuts

Completely ridiculous nobody even tested this.
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Hey Forums,

I've stayed pretty quiet with most things, this is one of my first posts on the forums. However today's patch has proven that you guys want to shoe-horn us into using cannons instead of beams, and forced me to make a post highlighting this.

I'm a Tactical Officer and run escorts, Im currently running an Aux2Batt beam build on my JHEC as my favourite build. I also primarily play PvE, my build was great for this (and not so great for PvP). I've played many roles in this game, Cannon Escort, Tank, Healer, etc.

Anyway, with my build before today's patch, Using only beams I have been able to keep my dps way above the average player who use cannons, on top of this, whenever I fired my weapons I was able to keep my weapon drain to around 70-80 with BFAW AT minimum WITHOUT using any skills and easily above 100 when using a full battery.

However today, while running stfs I saw some absolutely ridiculous power drain against ONLY 3-4 Enemies (I hate to image what it will be like against 7-10+).

Against ONLY 3-4 ENEMIES, with a full aux battery (and also with a weapon battery with additional A2B), my power levels would get to a shockingly low 25-30. I am fully spec'd to deal with these power drain issues, so this is not a build problem (as explained above with my power levels remaining high). The power drain was even worse without skills. And I tell you, it is noticeable.

Playing as a Cannonboat, I NEVER got as low as 90 on a volley running 4 DHC and 3 turrets, and cannons are supposed to be the biggest power draining weapon around! What. the. Hell. Add insult to injury, when using Scatter Volley, apparently they dont need to suffer the same distributed power share penalty as BFAW, Why exactly is this? Basic logic suggests it should.

Now, I'm not saying that this mechanic should be added at all, that would be terrible. But just why are beam users constantly handed a bad and crippled hand? Why is this? I really want an answer from a dev on this situation. If I want to play as a tact escort who focuses on dps, why should I be shoehorned into cannons, when I can achieve the same damage using beams previously. Furthermore, why should other people and their classes be shoehorned into using cannons on their builds as well if they want to do some damage. Not only this, but my threat inducing tank now deals significantly less damage due to the massive power drain on BFAW, how can I tank when I cant deal the damage to keep threat? A2B was one of the best ways to get around this issue, And not to mention ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE. But now we've just been slapped in the face again with another crippling nerf.

I don't want to get into a debate about playing your role or A2B is OP or any stuff like that. I just want to know why BFAW now drains around 160+ power against 3-4 enemies where cannons only drain around 70~ against the same amount or more enemies.

And whats the point of a complaint without a suggested solution. IMO, put the power drain back to what is was, there was nothing OP about it, and Cannon builds still managed to easily surpass the damage if spec'd and built right. If you were able to get enough money and knew enough about the game to deal the same damage or more using beams as a majority of the Cannon Escorts, why should we not be rewarded to be able to play like that?

Are you trying to hold player dps back? Make harder stfs for the elite players, dont make us weaker and force us into playing nerfed and gimped builds.

Over to sum up this change; unfair and untested.

I pray to all heavens this is just another bug or a late april fool's.

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# 15 BFaW, What Happened?
04-04-2013, 05:26 PM
Updated Fire at Will:

Beam: Fire at Will is now capable of benefiting from weapon modifiers such as [Acc], [CrtH], etc.
The energy drain inflicted by Fire at Will activation now only happens if you are actually able to fire upon an enemy.
Okay, sounds great. Had a little time this evening to check out these changes. Joined in on a round of CSE and as soon as I hit BFaW, my jaw dropped.

I have a Tactical Odyssey running 8 Beam Arrays. Prior to this update BFaW + EPtW III left about 80 points in weapon power out of 125 after a firing cycle. Now, the same combination completely drains weapon power right down to zero (0). Same happens when popping a weapon battery or EPS power transfer.

A little testing seemed to indicate that this "problem" occurs when attacking multiple targets. Attacking a single target with BFaW, the drain was more than before (dropped to about 60), but not complete. As soon as another target comes into range, there goes the weapon power.

I just have to know, is this "working as intended"? I hope not, or my cruisers are going to the scrap yard.
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# 16 Beams....WHAT DID YOU DO???
04-04-2013, 05:42 PM
Ok, so since the patch something is wrong with fire at will...

Before the patch my weapon power never dipped below 100.

Now, whenever FAW is active I've seen it drop as low as 60....which nerfs the hell out of my dmg. I understand there is both a soft and hard cap (I've heard hard cap is 160ish).

Based off that I have +57 weapon power built into my ship (I set my weapon power to 25 I sit at 82/25 with no abilities active) so I used to overcome the massive beam drain using aux2bat build.

Can someone please explain to me how the hell I am dipping to 60 now when FAW goes off with eptw2 active???? how??? something is amiss, and I dont see it in the patch notes....I should be seeing less drain going off the notes....

This is a huge dps nerf and I cant believe it is working as intended.
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# 17
04-04-2013, 05:56 PM
Well, let's look at your build.

You're running 8 beam arrays. Each of those probably has "to self: -10 Weapon Power when firing other weapons" on the tooltip, right? So your power drain should look like this if all weapons are firing:

First weapon: no power drain, total of 125
Second weapon: -10 power, total of 115
Third weapon: -10 power, total of 105
Fourth weapon: -10 power, total of 95
Fifth weapon: -10 power, total of 85
Sixth weapon: -10 power, total of 75
Seventh weapon: -10 power, total of 65
Eighth weapon: -10 power, total of 55

Okay, great... so if you fire all 8 beam arrays at once, you should drop to around 55 / 125. This is logical because beam arrays are energy weapons, and thus require energy. The more weapons, the more energy required.

Now, enter Beam: Fire at Will. For every beam array, you fire one beam at your target, and a second beam at a random target. This second beam is technically a separate weapon, so your power consumption is doubled. Now multiply that by 8. So with Beam: Fire at Will, your power consumption will look like this:

First weapon: no power drain, total of 125
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of 115
Second weapon: -10 power, total of 105
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of 95
Third weapon: -10 power, total of 85
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of 75
Fourth weapon: -10 power, total of 65
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of 55
Fifth weapon: -10 power, total of 45
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of 35
Sixth weapon: -10 power, total of 25
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of 15
Seventh weapon: -10 power, total of 5
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of -15
Eighth weapon: -10 power, total of -25
- Secondary beam: -10 power, total of -35

Of course, since you can't actually have negative power, those last 3 beams just won't fire, or won't have any damage. Also, the drain of each beam only takes effect if the beam actually fires. But yes, if you try to fire 16 beams at once, you will run out of power.

please note, this post is entirely based on the assumption that fire at will doubles power use. I have not actually tested this, but you can by turning half your weapons off and seeing if your power still drops completely, or only drops to "normal" levels.

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# 18
04-04-2013, 06:23 PM
I ve the same issues, massive weapon energy drain by using Fire at Will. I ve a purple doff for batteries, large weapon batteries & a red matter capacitor and my weapon power lvl also going down under 50 and lesser! Not even beam overload drains so many power. I ve a tactical & an engineer in a beamboat and both are effected in the same way. Only Nadion Inversion helps for very short time to resist the drain. Facit: beams are horrible to play now & I appeal to you Devs, please reset the changes of BFAW!!!!!!! I tossed vast sums of money in the game and had a lot of fun, but after this nerf, I really think about to stop playing STO.
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# 19
04-04-2013, 06:23 PM
If I ran only six beams, as opposed to the OP's eight beams, will the power drain still be significant?

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# 20
04-04-2013, 06:24 PM
Calls of this appear to be coming in....
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