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Don't waste your Dilith on them.

Primary points:

1. They're morons. They don't follow carrier commands 9/10ths of the time.
2. They're morons with fed frigate AI, so they try and broadside even though they have 2x dual beam banks and a torpedo.
3. They have no 'skill level' as far as their debuffs go. Thermionic torpedo, when it procs, affects a given level 50 NPC for 3 seconds. Against a player? Hahahahahaha.
4. APB+FAW generates hilarious threat, but players don't care about threat, so this is one point that who cares I guess.
5. They don't mesh weave. JHAS fighters ram. But mesh weavers don't mesh weave. :|
6. They don't.... do much. A lot of times I just find them sitting around doing nothing when I've told them to go attack someone, or aimlessly exploring the map. I have to respawn them CONSTANTLY because they aren't remotely reliable.

Feel free to post your [s]mesh weaver[/s] tholian trolling RC toy experiences here.

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