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04-05-2013, 05:48 AM
I have already started to build like this idea for a while, since 21th March, when the details has been released. Although, I have some thoughts about the leadership and ranks, firstly.

Here are they:

Firstly, the leadership and the ranks. I suppose the best to hold the romulan style. That means the leadership like as the Senate (what could include the founders of the fleet and later more players), and the Preator, who is voted by the Senate, would coordinate the operation of the Senate. The Senate would decide by voting as I said it above. Further to determine the rules and to choose the Preator. The Preator would be elected for 2 or 3 months. Then a new one would be chosen.

Secondly, the ranks, as I think it would look like (distributed to the 7 ranks):
Rank7 is the "Preator". (The Moderator of the Senate. Elected from the Senators and by the Senators.)
Rank6 is the "Senator". (Member of the Senate, one of the founders or committed players to help in growing and developing.)
Rank5 is the "Admiral" . (This rank for those players, who are veterans in PvP or Coaches on PvP Boot Camp.)
Rank4 is the "Commander" . (This rank for those players, who has great experience in PvP, because, for example playing for a long time.)
Rank3 is the "Subcommander" . (This rank for those players, who are advanced players in PvP.)
Rank2 is the "Centurion" . (Completely member of the fleet.)
Rank1 is the "Sublieutenant" . (The probation rank for the new invited players, Probation is approximately 1 week, including that if the player is online and friendly to the fleetmates...)

Additionally, the fleet's events could include maybe house cups for prize or simply just going pvp in premade teams. I do think they would love better than ever the PvP, if you are in a premade team, you have better feelings, I guess, because I have when an organized team I am in. That is the fun as well as the challenge of the PvP.

I hope my thoughts can help in wondering about the fleet. However, I would have two fleetname idea:
First is "Shadow Proclamation" (like as in Doctor Who), and second is "Shadow Century" (this is a little bit more romulan).

I think I may join to this romulan pvp oriented fleet in May.

See you in queues!
Hussar Guardian Forces

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