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# 1 top fleets 4/5/2013
04-05-2013, 11:45 AM
Size. The mega-fleets with over 400 members (alphabetical): 1st Starfleet Germany, 44th Fleet, Access Denied, Ausmonauts, Battle Group M.A.C.O., Borg Syndicate, Crimson Fubar Inc, Federation Deepspace Operations, Fubar Inc, Guardians of Equestria, House of Beautiful Orions , House of Kular, House of Tlhap-Jen, Inner Circle, KDF Elite Force 'avwi' batlh tlhingan', KHG-Klingon Honor Guard, Klingon Intelligence, Kodiak Legion, LaFamilia, Orion.Empire., Pride Of The Federation, Proteus, Raider Armada, REDdit ALERT, S.O.B., Section 31, Shadow Force, SSOG, Starfleet M.A.C.O., Starfleet Medical Command, Stonewall Fleet, Task Force Spectre, The House of Duras, UFP
this list now includes KDF fleets

Total XP for Starbase (top 10 fleets are all level 16-18): Pride of the Federation, Task Force Spectre, Jupiter Force, Kodiak Legion, 44th Fleet, Access Denied, REDdit Alert, Section 31, Battle Group M.A.C.O., Federation Deepspace Operations
Tier 5 structures (in order of completion)
Tier 5 Starbase - Task Force Spectre, Jupiter Force, Access Denied, Federation Deepspace Operations, 44th Fleet, Inner Circle, 1st Aquarius Division's, Pride of the Federation upgrading, [ kdf ] House of Beautiful Orions ,
Tier 5 Shipyard - 1st Aquarius Division, Access Denied, Federation Deepspace Operations, 44th Fleet, Inner Circle, Proteus, Kodiak Legion (?) Pride of the Federation
Tier 5 Fabricator - Task Force Spectre, Jupiter Force, [Kdf ] House of Beautiful Orions
Tier 5 Communcations Array - Task Force Spectre upgrading
Tier 5 Transwarp Conduit - none at present

(not yet complete but reported as upgrade paid off: Pride of the Federation on T5 shipyard, 1st Aquarius Division on T5 starbase, Bio Legion on T5 shipyard, Division Hispana on T5 shipyard, Kodiak Legion on T5 starbase)

Current Top Ten Combined Fed / KDF fleets by Starbase XP
1. Pride of the Federation / Pride of the Empire
2. REDdit Alert / The House of Snoo
3. Section 31 / Klingon Intelligence
4. Jupiter Force / House of Jupiter
5. Task Force Spectre / The House of Spectre
6. Fubar Inc / Crimson Fubar Inc
7. Starfleet M.A.C.O. / KDF Honor Guard
8. UFP / House of Kular
9. Shadow Force / Shadow Empire
10. Vice Squad / House of Tlhap-Jen

Disclaimer: This list is only from what I've seen reported on forums and in-game and may not be totally inclusive

It should be on the show Saturday april 6,2013. 2 pm eastern time. 6 pm u.k time. 7 pm Europe time


Phyrexianhero I will help with anything you have on top fleets.

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